Rise Of West Indies Cricket's New Hero Kyle Mayers

Kyle Mayers, who debuted recently, is on his way to becoming a rising star in the world of cricket. Born in Barbados, he is the hope of many cricket fans, especially from the West Indies. His exceptional performance as a debutant has caught the attention of many. He became the sixth batsman to date to score a double century in his debut match itself. 

Tournaments and Batting Style 

In a recent match with Bangladesh, Kyle Mayers made West Indies proud. He hit a whopping score of 210 runs which led to the win with a margin of 3 wickets. They made a difficult score of 395 for Bangladesh to chase. This score was the highest run chase made in Asia and the second-highest by the West Indies. This score was the fifth-highest made ever in test cricket history. It was also the second match-winning innings which was also a double century after the score of 214 made against England in 1984.

Along with his batting skills, he's also been under the guidance of a well-known cricketer, Shirley Clarke, who is his father. Being a first-class cricketer himself, he made sure that Kyle was in the right direction. He has been playing since 2008 when he became a part of the West Indies team. He was later on in consideration for the post of captain for the Under-19 World Cup in 2012. 

Playing chances of Kyle Mayer 

At 28, with the vacancies coming in handy, Mayers was given a chance. These vacancies arose due to the backing out of players from the Bangladesh tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Back in 2019-20, Mayers was kept as a reserve choice during the tours of the West Indies to New Zealand and England. This was because of his extremely impressive batting streak in domestic cricket matches. He scored 654 runs over a total of 15 innings at the rate of 50.30 with 2 centuries in hand. 

Difficulties in Kyle Mayer’s Cricketing Career 

He was a part of the Carlton Cricket Club, which was founded by a former West Indies player, Desmond Haynes. Kyle Mayers was originally an all-rounder. However, he got an injury that led him to focus only on his batting for the 2020 season. Even though this injury was troublesome, he made sure to end the year on a good note. He was the ninth-highest scorer in the 2020 Caribbean Premier League by making a total of 222 runs.

He also got called to play in the T20 against New Zealand, keeping in mind his performance graph. However, he couldn't maintain his winning streak. Scores of 20, 5 runs in New Zealand and 40, 0 and 11 against Bangladesh in the ODIs made selectors rethink the decision. They started seeing Mayers as most other replacements who are decent players but not extraordinary ones. 

Due to high backing-out rates, all of the replacements could manage a score of just 216 runs for 4 wickets in Bangladesh. This bleak record of losing the ODI by 0-3 made Mayers a considerably better option to have. This helped the team to gain confidence. Mayers made his way out of his low form by balancing various kinds of shots. He showed up responsively in front of spinners, cutters and many more. He recomposed himself and made a thrilling record in this first Test series played by him.

The cricketing career of Mayers has been full of ups and downs. On considering Kyle Mayers's stats, he has also kept the head of West Indies cricket high. Every cricketer has their own difficulties in making a name for themselves. However, what’s most important is that the cricketer doesn't give up on his dreams and continues to work hard for success. Nothing comes for free in life, and Kyle Mayers is a great example of the same.