Roger Binny: Net Worth And Salary Details Of The New BCCI President

The legendary 1983 World Cup victory for India was made possible in large part by the former Indian cricket all-rounder Roger Binny, who has now been elected to the coveted position of 36th President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). 

Roger Binny's financial situation and net worth have received a great deal of attention in addition to his illustrious cricketing career. In this essay, we examine his financial situation, childhood, and family in order to shed light on his transition from the cricket field to the head of the Indian cricket organisation.

Cricketing Legacy

Right-arm seamer Roger Binny made history in cricket by playing a crucial role in India's first-ever World Cup victory in 1983. He demonstrated his bowling skills throughout the competition, taking 18 wickets, which was a World Cup record at the time. His standing as a cricketing icon has been cemented by his illustrious on-field accomplishments.

Cricketing Career Statistics
  • Tests: 27
  • ODIs: 72
  • Test Wickets: 47
  • ODI Wickets: 77

In both the Test and One Day International (ODI) forms, Roger Binny made contributions to Indian cricket as a wicket-taking bowler.

Family Connection in Cricket

The cricketing community is a part of Roger Binny's family. Stuart Binny, who was his son, played professional cricket as well, representing India in Test and ODI games. With his superb 6/4 bowling performance in ODIs, Stuart Binny established a new record for an Indian. Additionally, he participated in 95 matches of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and had success at that time.

Roger Binny's Financial Profile

Roger Binny's net worth as of 2022 exceeds $1 million. His successful cricket career and later role in cricket administration are reflected in his financial situation.

With his selection as BCCI President, Roger Binny has moved from playing cricket to running the organisation. However the specifics of his compensation as the next BCCI President are not made public. 

It's important to note that until the previous year, Sourav Ganguly, his predecessor, was said to receive a salary of 5 crores a year as the BCCI President. Roger Binny is expected to have a sizable financial responsibility and income in this position as the leader of the biggest cricket organisation in the world.

Early Life and Education

Roger Binny had a solid educational background before he entered the world of cricket. The Montfort School in Tamil Nadu, St. Germain's Academy in Bangalore, and ST. Joseph's Indian High School PU College in Bangalore is among the prestigious schools he attended. The foundation for both his cricketing excellence and ultimate leadership in cricket administration was built by his scholastic background.

Family and Personal Life

Roger Binny is married to Cynthia, with whom he has three children: daughters Laura and Lisa, a son Stuart The Binny family has a long history in cricket, and Stuart Binny has made a name for himself in the Indian version of the game.

The varied nature of Roger Binny's career is demonstrated by his estimated net worth and recent appointment as BCCI President in his financial profile. Binny's path serves as an example to aspiring cricket players and sports aficionados, from his accomplishments on the cricket pitch, including the 1983 World Cup victory, to his engagement in cricket administration. Cricket supporters eagerly anticipate his contributions to the advancement and expansion of Indian cricket as he assumes his new position at the helm of the BCCI.

Why is Roger Binny famous?
Former Indian all-rounder Roger Binny was crucial to India's 1983 World Cup success. The 36th BCCI president, he took office recently.
What did Roger Binny do towards India's 1983 World Cup win?
A record 18 wickets by right-arm seamer Roger Binny helped India win the 1983 World Cup.
Does Roger Binny have cricket-playing relatives?
Stuart Binny, Roger's son, played Test and ODI cricket for India. Stuart Binny has the greatest Indian ODI bowling stats.