S Sreesanth: The Man Who Is No Stranger To Controversies

S Sreesanth, a former fast bowler of India, has faced numerous controversies most of his career. 

Let's discuss a few of them!

The Biggest Controversies of S Sreesanth

Hitting Andre Nel

In 2006, during the first Test in Johannesburg, Sreesanth hit Andre Nel, a South African pacer, for a six and did a well-known spur-of-the-moment dance in front of the crowd.

Dispute With Ricky Ponting

In October 2007, during India's eight-run win in Chandigarh, Ricky Ponting, Australian captain, lashed at Sreesanth as he sledged five Australian batsmen.

Argument With Andrew Symonds

In October 2007, S Sreesanth faced many issues. With his weird behaviour, he aimed at Australians and then had a bitter argument with Andrew Symonds.


It is said that Harbhajan Singh slapped S Sreesanth after the match. It was quite a famous story at that time. However, years later, Sreesanth informs that it was a planned incident. He was never slapped, and he called Harbhajan Singh a backstabber. 

Warning By BCCI

S Sreesanth was given a warning by the BCCI in April 2013 because of bringing up the 2008 Slapgate issue in the limelight again via a social media website. As per the media sources, Sreesanth was informed that if he did something similar again, then he would receive a show-cause notice.

Kerala Cricket Association & BCCI Warnings

Kerala Cricket Association and the BCCI delivered individual warnings to S Sreesanth in October 2009 for cricket field indiscipline.

Dispute With Graeme Smith

At Kingsmead in December 2010, S Sreesanth angrily argued with Graeme Smith on the pitch on Day 3 of the second Test.

Dispute With MS Dhoni

S Sreesanth and MS Dhoni also had a stern argument in 2011, where MS Dhoni told Sreesanth not to cross his limits.

Life Ban

In 2013, S Sreesanth was left behind in the Indian Premier League (IPL), with two other players from Rajasthan Royals: Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila. Sreesanth was arrested and got a life ban after being discovered guilty of underperforming in exchange for money from bookies; however, he was released from jail on one month's bail.

In August 2017, Kerala High Court removed the life ban on Sreesanth, but BCCI still challenged it. Later, he went on Twitter to express his anger at the Indian Cricket board.

Dispute In A Flight

In 2017, a co-passenger on a Bangalore to Delhi flight claimed that the cricketer was involved in rude behaviour on board the aircraft. The co-passenger said that S Sreesanth had an immature argument with flight attendants when he was asked not to sit close to the emergency exits. Later, Sreesanth denied these charges.

Despite being a good bowler and having numerous other skills, S Sreesanth's career was more about his controversies and disputes than anything else. Throughout his career, he emerged from one controversy to another. 

What happened to S Sreesanth in 2013? 
In 2017, S Sreesanth was arrested and received a life ban after being found guilty of underperforming in exchange for money from bookies. 
What is Slapgate? 
Slapgate is a controversy that arose in 2008 involving S Sreesanth and Harbhajan Singh. According to it, Harbhajan Singh slapped Sreesanth after the match.
What is the net worth of S Sreesanth?
S Sreesanth’s net worth is approximately $1 million.