Saurabh Kumar And Nishant Sindhu: Keeping The Conventional Left-Arm Spin Alive In Modern Cricket

Saurabh Kumar and Nishant Sindhu are two amazing Indian cricketers. 

Kumar doesn't have an IPL contract yet. However, he has been consistent for Uttar Pradesh and India A and might get into the Indian Test team soon. Meanwhile, Sindhu has already won a World Cup (U-19) and got a massive IPL contract with Chennai Super Kings. He has trained with MS Dhoni and gotten quite a few valuable tips from Jadeja as well.

Kumar & Sindhu's Background

Kumar and Nishant have had a different career journey. 

Nishant used to stay close to Shri Ram Narain Cricket Academy, which was run by a former first-class cricketer and coach, Ashwani Kumar, while Saurabh used to travel from Baghpat to Delhi daily, taking a passenger train. However, the one thing common between the two is they are left-arm conventional spinners, which is rare in the Indian domestic area.

Kumar's Take

Saurabh Kumar told the media that he has never wanted to change his bowling and will stay the same as he is. Kumar added that on a flat track, he uses the crease, changes the lengths, and tries to trick the batsman in the air.

Sindhu's Take

Nishant Sindhu revealed that he thinks he needs to adapt to all formats. He said he has played with other significant players from around the world, and after a chat with Jadeja about bowling in Test cricket, his advice to Sindhu was to just keep it simple and keep improving his strengths.

Sunil Joshi's Take

Sunil Joshi, a former Indian spinner, explained the reason why Kumar doesn't rely on surface help and the reason he is successful.

Joshi informed that Saurabh Kumar is successful because he is consistent. When he was coaching him, Joshi advised him to be consistent and let the batsman change, and Kumar adhered to that advice, leading to his impressive bowling performance.

About Sindhu, Joshi said that his bowling is flight and dip. He suggested he focus more on over-spin instead of underspin or undercut. Joshi added that it would be difficult but would be helpful in the long run.

Saurabh Kumar's Background

Kumar entered into cricket when he was only ten years old. Travelling every day to Delhi from his hometown in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, he has come a long way.

Saurabh Kumar is known as an all-rounder and an upcoming star from Uttar Pradesh who has taken massive strides in his brief first-class career so far.

Nishant Sindhu's Background

Nishant Sindhu is the son of a state-level boxer and wanted to follow his father's career; however, he ended up in a cricket career.

In the 2018-19 U-16 Vijay Merchant Trophy, Sidhu came into the limelight as he recorded 572 runs and 23 wickets, leading to Haryana's win over Jharkhand in the final.

According to Laxman Sivaramakrishnan, former Indian leg-spinner, Nishant Sindhu and Saurabh Kumar should get in touch with Maninder Singh as they both live near Delhi.

He said that they should definitely train under Maninder Singh for a few days and understand what a left-arm spinner should exactly be doing and what kind of trajectories to bowl, and learn much more.

Currently, Saurabh Kumar wants to stay and follow his procedure for his chance in Bengaluru, while Nishant Sindhu has been selected for India A for the 2023 Emerging Asia Cup tournament and wants to excel in both bat and ball. Sindhu's goal is to record more hundreds and take more wickets.

What is Nishant Sindhu's age?
Nishant Sindhu is 19 years old.
From where did Saurabh Kumar used to travel to Delhi?
Saurabh Kumar used to travel from Baghpat to Delhi daily via a passenger train.
What is Saurabh Kumar's age?
Saurabh Kumar is 30 years old.
When did Nishant Sindhu become popular?
Sidhu came into the limelight in the 2018-19 U-16 Vijay Merchant Trophy for scoring 572 runs and taking 23 wickets, leading to Haryana's win over Jharkhand in the final.