Shane Warne: A Look At Every Property The Late Cricket Great Owned Around Victoria

Australian cricket legend Shane Warne was passionate about real estate.

The late spin king invested almost $65 million in Victorian-era houses across the country, with the majority in Brighton, New York.

Warne had six properties in the bayside area, including a lavish $18 million estate that was "his favourite house," which he bought twice because he loved it so much.

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Do you know about interesting Shane Warne news related to his real estate investment? His mansions were notorious for their ostentatious furnishings, which included things like a mirrored bedroom ceiling that he once used as his Tinder profile photo and a pool imprinted with his cricket number 23.

Jonathan Dixon, the head of JP Dixon Real Estate in Brighton, was quite familiar with Warne's needs because he sold several residences to and on behalf of the cricket star.

More recently, Marshall White Bayside's director, Matthew Phillips, worked with the late Australian icon and said he knew more about real estate than "any other celebrity." Phillips passed away in March.

229 Thomas St, Hampton

Shane Warne grew up close to Brighton in Hampton, so it's no surprise he retained a fondness for Melbourne's bayside suburbs.

In 2017, an investor and notable Melbourne real estate agent paid $1.55 million for Warne's childhood house at 229 Thomas St.

After being relisted in 2018 with a $1.35m-$1.485m price range, it sold for $1.465m.

102 Esplanade, Brighton

Shane Warne bought a five-bedroom home at 102 Esplanade in Brighton shortly after marrying former model Simone Callahan in 1995.

The balcony had breathtaking views of the sea, and the home also included a swimming pool, spa bath, and spacious walk-in wardrobe. The couple spent $902,500 on the property in 1996.

Warne got a whopping $2.61 million for his shack back in 2000.

32 Middle Crescent, Brighton

Shane Warne and Callahan bought the house at 32 Middle Crescent in Brighton in 2001, and it quickly became known as the cricket legend's "favourite house."

After his divorce and purchase of a lavish property with six bedrooms, which he named Melville in 2005, he sold it in 2007 for $8.75 million.

In 2016, Warnie paid $14.25 million for the single-story Victorian estate that included a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, mod-grass tennis court, and 3014 sq m of planted grounds because he missed it so much.

In 2018, he finally parted ways with the home, selling it in a private transaction for $18,888,888.

In 2020, the new owner of the ancient bluestone house dramatically demolished the addition and pool.

16 Park St, Brighton

Shane Warne bought a five-bedroom mansion in Brighton in 2007 for $3.7 million, continuing his love affair with the city.

A tennis court, fitness centre, heated pool and spa, home theatre, several kitchens, wine cellar, and five-car basement garage with an integrated turntable were all part of the mansion's makeover.

After completing the renovations, he sold the lavish mansion in 2009 for $6.775 million.

Shane Warne died on March 24, 2022, in Thailand. As per the documents, his total estate in Victoria is worth over $17 million. He left $3.36 million in personal property, with his personal belongings valued at around $2.6 million and vehicles around $3,75,000. Warner has named four trustees to his will: Keith Warne(his father), Aaron Hamill (his friend), Robert Cochran (his accountant) and Andrew Neophitou(his adviser).

How much did Shane Warne's estate amount to?
The matter of his estate has now been resolved. Almost a year after his untimely passing, Shane Warne's estate has been finalised, with his three children receiving the vast majority of his $20.7 million wealth.
To whom did Shane Warne leave his estate?
Legendary cricket player Shane Warne has bequeathed $20 million to his three children. The Sydney Morning Herald claims that Warne left a considerable fortune to his three children, Summer, Jackson, and Brooke, after his untimely death in March.
Where did Shane Warne live?
Warne was a talented cricketer but also a successful real estate investor, buying and selling a home in Brighton not once but twice! In 2000, he paid $3.6 million with his ex-wife Simone Callahan for a property with five bedrooms and a pool in the prestigious Middle Crescent neighbourhood.