Shaun Tait's IPL Career: Unleashing Blazing Bowling Speed And Leaving A Lasting Legacy

Cricket has become a fast-paced game today. Back then, a few matches were held. So, people would remember most of the outcomes and the events associated with them. However, modern cricket has been shaped as a quick and turbulent game. A growing number of matches, different versions, and the addition of new teams make your mind whirled. Despite this fact, some players are still remembered for their unique contributions. Shaun Tait is one such former cricketer who has left a lasting impression in the hearts of cricket lovers. Let’s dive into his career and skills.

Shaun Tait News: Who the Player is?

He is an amazing cricketer who hails from Australia. Born on February 22, 1983, Shaun Tait was a right-arm pacer. While many bowlers of his era had pace and swing, Shaun outsmarted others in the field of pace. His bowling carried the highest speed. Batsmen would face his balls on defence because of his fiery speed. He has bowled some of the fastest deliveries of that era.

The most striking part of his bowling was he would ball every ball faster. As such, facing his deliveries was a task for any batsman. Despite his speed, Shaun Tait was ignored because of other bowlers such as Glen McGrath, Brett Lee, and Jason Gillespie. Today, many bowling enthusiasts consider him an icon in terms of speed and swing.

Shaun Tait Stats

Shaun was popular for his ability to intimidate batsmen with his sheer pace and swing. Although he didn’t appear in too many matches, he was a crucial part of the team during his prime. He also represented teams in domestic T20s and IPL. It was the T20 games that earned him more respect and attention from fans and cricketing experts. Why? Shaun was able to bowl at an economy rate in T20s when batters would be ready to hit every ball of the over. However, Shaun’s speed would put a halt to batsmen’s hitting abilities. They would rather go for cuts and defensive drives.

Shaun Tait made his test debut in 2005. He only appeared in 3 tests. The bowler grabbed 5 wickets in 3 tests at an average of 60.4. His best figures are 3 for 97, and his economy rate is 4.37 runs per over. Shaun marked his ODI appearance in 2007. He played 35 matches, picking 62 wickets at an impressive average of 23.6. His best bowling stands at 4 for 39, and he gave runs at 5.19 per over.

Shaun played 21 T20s and 21 IPL T20 matches. In other T20s, Shaun Tait took 28 wickets at an average of 21, his best figures being 3 for 13. In 21 IPL matches that he bowled, Shaun picked up 23 wickets at an average of 27.8.

Why Was Shaun Tait So Popular?

At this point, you may wonder why Shaun’s bowling became prominent even though he didn’t play too many matches. Here is why. Shaun had a disciplined line and length. In an era of batting, everyone wants to see balls being sent to boundaries every now and then. Also, pitches are made batting-friendly for high-scoring matches.

In such a situation, Shaun Tait would put the batsman on defence. Any batsman would play his balls cautiously and resort to singles instead of boundaries. Not to forget, his yorkers and speedy bouncers would injure many batters, ensuring they don’t make too many runs. Shaun also picked many crucial wickets at an important stage in many matches.

Even though Shaun Tait has retired from international cricket, he is still remembered for his pace and bouncers. His power-packed running and amazing arm action ensured that his side enjoyed an edge in each game. Let’s see in which form Shaun makes a comeback in cricket.

What is Shaun’s father’s name?
His father’s name is Phil Tait.
What is the fastest ball bowled by Shaun Tait?
His fastest ball carried a speed of 161.1 km/hr.
Who is Shaun’s favourite cricketer?
The bowler is a fan of Virendra Sehwag and Adam Gilchrist.