Shikha Pandey: A Statistical Analysis Of Her Impactful Career In Women's Cricket

In the past, cricket was considered a gentleman’s game. Even today, it is! However, it has spread its wings to the feminist world too. So, we can safely say that cricket is not only a gentleman’s game but also a gentlewoman’s game. The growing popularity of cricket among ladies doesn’t seem to stop. On the contrary, more and more females plan to make their career in this lovely game. Those with a sound physique easily make their way into this arena. Shikha Pandey is one such sensation that has stormed the women’s league. Let’s seek more info about this player.

Shikha Pandey News: Who is She?

She is an Indian player who represents the Goa team in the women’s league. Born in 1989, this 34-year-old lady has become a hot topic in women’s cricket today. Additionally, she is a former member of the Indian Air Force. Due to her tough physique, it was easy for Shikha Pandey to turn to cricket. Performing rigorous exercises to stay in good shape for cricket is not an issue for Shikha. On the contrary, she loves fitness and has made it her daily routine.

All she has to do is sharpen her skills to perform better on the field. She does it better whenever she gets an opportunity. Shikha Pandey carries the expertise of bowling as well as batting. So, she comes as a complete package for her team, domestic as well as national teams. Shikha is known for her hard-hitting capabilities. So, making quick runs at a faster run rate is not at all an issue if the situation demands so.

There have been many scenarios when Shikha has outsmarted the opponent teams’ bowlers with her power-hitting abilities. Plus, she is a smart cricketer and plays according to the conditions of the game. If the pitch is bowling-friendly, she bats cautiously and relies on singles and doubles instead of lofty shots.

Besides batting, Shikha Pandey is a medium-pace bowler. She is intelligent enough to mix fast and slow deliveries. That makes it difficult for batters to make runs against Shikha. She has turned the tide of the game on various occasions with her witty bowling. Not to forget, she is an alter fielder too. She makes quick dives on the field, saving runs and picking catches. In the process, she makes it harder for the opponents to make runs.

Shikha Pandey Stats: Her Stellar Performances

Shikha has played 3 tests. She made 55 runs averaging 18.3 per inning. Her highest score stands at 25 not out. Shikha Pandey picked up 4 wickets in 3 test matches as a bowler with an average of 35.2. Her economy rate is 3.39, and her best bowling stands at 2 for 33.

Her ODI statistics are much better. Shikha has played 55 ODIs and batted in 34 innings, scoring 512 runs at a stunning average of 20.5. She hit 2 fifties, and her highest score stands at 59. Also, she has done well in the bowling department. Shikha grabbed 75 wickets in 55 matches at an amazing average of 21.9. Her bowling economy is 3.99, and her best figures stand at 4 for 18.

Shikha Pandey has played 65 T20s. In 28 innings, she scored 208 runs averaging 13. Her best score stands at 26 not out. In the 65 T20s that she played, she has bowled in 56 matches, grabbing 43 wickets at a fantastic average of 26.3. Her best figures are 3 wickets for 14 runs.

Shikha Pandey has become a household name, especially among aspiring female cricketers. She has covered a long route in her career. Let’s see how she performs and motivates other women in the coming years.

Where was Shikha Pandey born?
This amazing cricketer was born in Goa.
What are the educational qualifications of Shikha?
She has completed a B. Tech in electronics.
Who is Shkiha’s favourite cricketer?
This female player is a big fan of former South African bowler Shaun Pollock.