Shoaib Akhtar: A Delusional Superstar? Ramiz Raja Takes A Dig At The Ex-Pakistan Star

Ramia Raja, the former PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) Chairman lashes out at Shoaib Akhtar for his comment on the player Babar Azam. Recently, on a local news channel, Shoaib Akhtar was seen to condescend the communication potential of the star batter of Pakistan, Babar Azam. He said that Babar struggles to speak English. Shoaib received a lot of backlash for his derogatory comment. 

Ramia Raja on listening to Shoaib Akhtar’s comment calls him a ‘delusional superstar’. Raja adds that it is imperative to be a human being first than a brand. ‘First, become a human, and then a brand’-Raja adds. He further mentions that such delusional statements from the former players lower the status of the cricket team. 

Why Ramij Raja Slams Shoaib Akhtar?

Ramiz Raja and Shoaib Akhtar have been seen to indulge in a heated exchange of words after Shoaib Akhtar’s scathing comment regarding Babar Azam. Ramiz has asked the latter to take lessons about how the Indian cricketers carry themselves in the public domain. The way Shoaib has derided the speaking skills of Azam is in no way acceptable. Akhtar mentions that Babar could not become the biggest brand in Pakistan as he cannot speak English properly. This inflammatory comment of Shoaib prompted Ramij to slam Shoaib Akhtar. 

Even Shoaib stated the same thing for Kamran Akmal, the former Pakistan wicketkeeper and batter. Though Akhtar is extremely popular, he faced a lot of backlash for his contentious remarks from the entire Pakistani cricketing community. Ramji Raja crticised Akhtar and requested him to go through the pages of the book of Indian cricketers. Raja urged him to look into how the Indian cricketers conduct themselves in public.  Raja said on Bol News channel that Shoaid ‘wants everyone to become a brand, but it is more important to become a human first’. 

Ramiz Rajia added that one can never find such behaviour or comments in any neighbouring countries. He states, ‘You will never see Sunil Gavaskar criticizing Rahul Dravid’. This can be seen only in Pakistan, where former players do not show respect and let the current lot of players conduct their jobs professionally. 

Ramiz Raja responded when asked about the aspiration of Shoaib Akhtar to be the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board that the former speedster must fetch a degree at first. Ramiz further added that Shoaib Akhtar must obtain a graduate degree first to qualify for the chairmanship of PCB. 

Regarding Shoaib Akhtar, he started to play for the Pakistan team in 1997.  He played only 46 test matches, 15 T20Is, and 163 ODIs. It was his many injuries that disrupted his career. After the 2011 World Cup, he retired from international cricket. After that, he opened a YouTube channel where he shared unfiltered reviews about cricketers and varied cricket-related topics. His outspoken statements about cricketers backfires and he receives backlashes. 

Ramiz Raja, a member of the victorious Pakistani team in the 1992 World Cup, argued that before becoming a brand,  every cricketer must try to be a better individual. He further mentions that former international players should not cross the boundaries of decency.  Shoaib Akhtar’s bizarre remark is not acceptable and players must be given respect. Ramiz stated that Akhtar’s remark was not only demeaning Babar but the entire Pakistani team. It shows that the Pakistan side is lacking character. 

What is the net worth of Ramiz Raja and Shoaib Akhtar?
The net worth of Ramiz Raja is estimated to be between $1 - 5 million and the net worth of Shoaib Akhtar is $8 million. 
What is the age of Ramiz Raja? Where was he born?
Ramiz Raja is now 61 years old. He was born in Faisalabad, Pakistan on 14th August 1962. 
What is the occupation of Ramiz Raja?
Ramiz Raja is a former Pakistani cricketer and is currently a Pakistani cricket commentator and YouTuber. Between September 2021 and December 2022, he was the 35th Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board.