Slightly Concerned About Future Of Test Cricket – Steve Smith

Steve Smith, who is an Australian cricketer, has expressed his concern about the test matches. He communicated that the longest format of the game had been given less attention than the other formats. The 34-year-old went on to say that while he thinks that test cricket is currently in good hands, thrilling encounters over the years have made him raise awareness of the format. 

However, he hopes that test cricket continues to stay alive and thrive. But does it indicate that Test cricket is going to die? Although we don't know that for sure, many cricketers, including Steve Smith, believe that its  presence is fading with the increased popularity of T20 and ODI matches. 

Therefore, it is a possibility that the longest format of cricket might soon be limited to just some counties. In this blog, let's learn what Steve Smith has entirely said about test cricket and why he is concerned.

Steve Smith Statement

One of the top batsmen in the world of cricket and a former Australian keeper has shown his concern about test cricket. While speaking to reporters on Monday afternoon ahead of their WTC final, he said that he is slightly worried about test cricket. He said that although he is somewhat worried about test cricket, he is happy that it is currently in a good place and in terms of games, there have been some amazing matches to watch. 

As a traditionalist himself who loves test cricket, he hopes that this format still remains at the front of all the board’s minds and stays alive in the coming years to come.

Reasons Why Test Cricket Might End In Coming Years
  • Declining Popularity

The popularity of test cricket has seen a decline in recent years as compared to One Day International and Twenty20 cricket. The decrease in viewership might be the result of people favouring shorter, more intense games due to the shortage of free time and the fast-paced nature of modern lives.

  • Schedule and Pressure

In this long format of cricket, it is evident that players become heavily tired and exhausted. Alongside, they might have limited availability due to their other commitments like franchise responsibility and international matches. Therefore, this might negatively impact the calibre of test cricket matches. 

  • Evolution of Game

Just like every game, cricket is also evolving every decade, and many players worry that these evolutions might overshadow the craze for test cricket. The evolution may bring some new formats which will be much shorter or have a limited time set for the match. 

  • Competition from other Formats

The growth of T20 matches around the world has given tough competition to test cricket. This might have an effect on fans' interest in test matches as well as player priorities. The T20 games often produce a much more exciting arena than the test cricket and produce more thrill among the audiences. 

Steve Smith's worries about test cricket have surely raised awareness among people and board members, but it is also important to remember that despite its difficulties, test cricket still has a large following. In nations like England, Australia, India and South Africa, there is a long history of test cricket, and it is not any soon. Moreover, the world test championship has given test cricket greater importance and helped revive the interest of audiences in this format. 

Does Test Cricket have the same relevance in the modern time?
Yes, even after facing severe challenges from both short formats like T20 and ODI, test cricket is still thriving and continues to be loved by the audiences. 
How limited time formats attract more viewers?
As these matches are shorter than test cricket, therefore, it is more accessible to people who have busy schedules or have little time for matches.
How can Test Cricket thrive around the world?
To make test cricket thrive again, it is important to make strategic plans to enhance its popularity and ensure its long term sustainability.