Stuart Binny ICC Ranking And Stats

Stuart Binny is one of the popular all-rounders in India’s domestic circuit and a medium-pace bowler. He gained fame as a hard-hitting all-rounder in the year 2013. He bowls at a medium pace that swings the ball in favorable conditions and Batman is capable of hitting the long ball. He is one of the best pace bowlers who came across the Indian Cricket Team after Kapil Dev's retirement. 

However, he didn’t gain much fame on the international stage as all the medium-pace bowlers that listed before him but remained famous in the domestic circuit. Binny got a handful of tests to play, in which he scored a match-saving fifty in the year 2014 in Nottingham. Despite ups and downs in this career and not being able to live up to the expectations of the team. He remains a gold player in the IPL and a prominent figure in domestic cricket. 

About Stuart Binny

Stuart Binny is a right-handed all rounder and a medium-paced bowler. Despite his success in the IPL teams and domestic cricket, he never succeeded on the international stage. His record-breaking performance of 6/4 against Bangladesh remains the best figure by an Indian bowler in ODIs. It is evident from the matches that he played that he is still an underdog with limitations. Let's take a sneak peek into Stuart Binny’s stats.

Batting Career Summary
M Inn B Runs HS Avg BF SR 100 200 50 4s 6s
Test 6 10 1 194 78 21.56 333 58.26 0 0 1 23 1
ODI 14 11 3 230 77 28.75 246 93.5 0 0 1 23 5
T201 3 2 0 35 24 17.5 29 120.69 0 0 O 2 1
IPL 95 68 22 880 48 19.13 683 128.84 0 0 O 66 35

Bowling Career Summary
M Inn B Runs Wkts BBI BBM Econ Avg SR 5W 10W
Test 6 7 450 258 3 2/24 2/73 3.44 86.0 150.0 0 0
ODI 14 12 490 439 20 6/4 6/4 5.38 21.95 24.5 1 0
T201 3 3 30 54 1 1/14 1/14 10.8 54.0 030.0 O 0
IPL 95 63 594 758 22 2/14 2/14 7.66 34.45 27.0 O 0

His IPL Career

Binny is a hard-hitting all-rounder and has a great career in the IPL. Rajasthan Royals has been one of the lucky charms although he has played with multiple franchises. He also played with Royal Challengers Bangalore and was released in auctions in the year 2018. This thirty-year Karnataka lad got a chance to play in his native franchise. After the 2018 auctions, the Rajasthan Royals got Binny again to boost their team. 

Apart from the 2013 blast, he never scored a single half-century in his IPL career. He averaged over 30 with close to 300 runs at a fantastic strike rate. Popular young all-rounders like Hardik Pandya and Vijay Shankar recently stated that Binny is out of reckoning. 

Stuart Binny is an all-rounder and medium-paced bowler. His bowling style is unique and gained a lot of fame in the domestic fields and the IPL. He has not left any great impact on the Indian Team and international cricket. Although he is 39 years old and continues to play recklessly in the domestic grounds with honor and fame and is one of the key figures in the Karnataka Premier League. This shows that he still didn’t use up all the fuel in his tank. Despite all odds, he continues to strike back and reign in the domestic grounds. 

In which year did Stuart Binny debut in the ODI?
Stuart Binny debuted in the India Cricket team ODI’s in the India tour of New Zealand in 2014, in the New Zealand vs. India match. 
Did Stuart Binny succeed as an international player?
Stuart Binny is a medium pacer who could swing the ball in favorable conditions and a batsman capable of hitting the long ball. However, like many before him on this list, Binny also wasn't much of a success on the international stage despite putting in strong performances on the domestic circuit.
Which one is Stuart Binny’s record-breaking performance till now?
Stuart Binny scored 6/4 against Bangladesh in the ODI which remains one of the best figures in his career as an Indian Bowler. However, Binny couldn't be certified as a genuine all-rounder as he was not chosen for a pure batsman and pure bowler in his career.