Stuart Broad ICC Ranking And Stats

The tall English fast bowler Stuart Broad has made cricket history with his incredible performances and unwavering resolve. Broad's journey from following his father's footsteps to becoming a world-class fast bowler is one of dedication and achievement. 

This page discusses his remarkable career statistics and international cricket highlights.

Early Signs of Hope

Stuart Broad’s international career began with U-19 success. He made his T20 debut in 2006 against Pakistan and nearly scored a hat-trick. It showed the talent that would soon make an impact worldwide.

Stuart Broad’s career changed during the 2007 ODI series against India. He and Ravi Bopara shared a record 8th-wicket partnership of 99 runs to help England win a critical match. He won his first Man of the Match award with 4/51 in the Indian innings.

Overcoming Obstacles

Despite his early success, Stuart Broad had his toughest challenge during the 2007 T20 World Cup. Yuvraj Singh memorably hammered him for six sixes in an over against India. 

Stuart Broad’s debut match was in Sri Lanka in 2007, showing great courage in difficult conditions. His Test career flourished during England's 2009 Ashes win. Broad's 5/37 session helped England win the fifth Test at the Oval.

Stuart Broad scored a century in 2010, surpassing his father. He scored his century at Lord's when England was 102 for 7 against a strong Pakistan bowling attack. Broad's world-record 332-run stand with Jonathan Trott saved England and won the series.

Ups and Downs

Broad's career has ups and downs like any other. In 2011, he struggled with injuries during the Ashes tour. He returned triumphantly during the India trip, taking important wickets and helping with the bat.

Broad became synonymous with Ashes supremacy after England's 2013 series win. After scoring 11/121 in the fourth Test at Chester-le-Street, he was named Man of the Match. Broad's refusal to move after edging the ball in the Trent Bridge Test sparked controversy in this series.

Stuart Broad captained England during the 2014 West Indies trip and ICC World T20. Broad's captaincy was a turning point in his career, despite England's uneven results.

World Cup Journey

Stuart Broad tried to be fit for the 2015 World Cup, but he struggled. However, helping England win the Ashes that year remains one of his career highlights.

A Change in Focus

While Broad's Test career grew, his importance in England's lesser formats declined. Stuart Broad’s ODI and T20I teams were made due to altering limited-overs cricket dynamics. World T20, England's biggest event, was missed.

Stuart Broad's cricketing career shows his grit and grace. One of England's most legendary fast bowlers, he has 604 Test wickets and remarkable performances across forms.

Career Data
Batting Test
  • 167 matches, 3662 runs, 169 best score, 17.95 average, 1 century, 13 half-centuries.
  • ODI: 121 matches, 529 runs, 45-run maximum, 12.3 average.
  • T20I: 56 matches, 118 runs, highest score 18, average 7.38. 
  • 167 matches, 604 wickets, best 8/15, average 27.68, 20 five-wicket hauls.
  • ODI: 121 matches, 178 wickets, 5/23 best bowling, 30.13 average.
  • T20I: 56 matches, 65 wickets, 4/24 best bowling, 22.94 average.

Stuart Broad went from an all-rounder to a world-class fast bowler in an incredible trip. Broad's reputation in international cricket is marked by his astounding exploits, endurance, and unflinching dedication. His remarkable career inspires budding cricketers and shows the game's resilience.

What were Stuart Broad's early cricket accomplishments?
Stuart Broad made his U-19 debut in a 2006 T20 match against Pakistan and nearly scored a hat-trick. His early performances suggested stardom.
Can you describe Stuart Broad's career turning point?
Stuart Broad and Ravi Bopara shared a record 8th-wicket partnership of 99 runs to help England win the 2007 ODI series against India. That game earned him his first Man of the Match award.
How did Stuart Broad overcome a career challenge in the 2007 T20 World Cup?
Stuart Broad was challenged when Yuvraj Singh struck him for six sixes in an over during the 2007 T20 World Cup. He recovered from this setback thanks to his persistence and self-confidence.