Take A Look At Harmanpreet Kaur’s Modern Mumbai Home

Cricket's gender equality has been a long time coming. Cricket originated in India around 1721. The first Indian women's cricket squad debuted in 1973. Since then, it has competed in important global tournaments. The Indian women's cricket team became famous after winning the 2017 ICC World Cup. The team won the 2020 Asia Cup. The ICC ranks India's women's cricket team fourth in ODIs. The Indian team captain is Harmanpreet Kaur. 

Kaur's lavish Mumbai home is full of colours. Her well-stocked living area shows her art taste. Harmanpreet's modern home is relaxing. Her lavish property is just a result of his hard work and dedication towards her career.

Where Harmanpreet Kaur Lives and How Much It Costs

Currently, Harmanpreet Kaur and her feline companion are based out of Mumbai. She has a breathtaking view of the glittering Mumbai skyline from her high-rise flat. The price tag on her new pad approaches seven figures.

Harmanpreet Kaur's Home Interior

Harmanpreet Kaur has modernised her home while incorporating certain traditional touches that show her identity. Walls at Harmanpreet's home are a cheerful beige and white. Her home is decorated with simple pieces that give it a contemporary feel. Her walls are a neutral beige or light cream. Her house is adorned with works from her impressive collection. Shelving units at Harmanpreet's home are black. Her living area is decorated in a warm hue with colourful accents. 

Harmanpreet Kaur expressed her desire to have a garage for her vehicle, bike collection, and a game area in a future interview with Grazia. When asked in the same interview which celebrity home she would most like to live in, she responded it would be the one she had always imagined for herself. 

Amenities in Harmanpreet Kaur House 

Kaur's lavish home has ample space for starters. All the conveniences of modern living can be found in Harmanpreet Kaur's well-maintained home. She enjoys lounging at home with her dog. Her bedroom is the cosiest spot in the house. Her spacious balcony at home is home to numerous plants. Her balcony is a fusion of contemporary and classic design. In multiple interviews, she has emphasised her enthusiasm for motor vehicles. She hopes to buy a house that accommodates her garage full of luxury vehicles.

Other Harmanpreet Kaur's property

Harmanpreet Kaur owns a tiny flat in Chandigarh, India, and her current house in Mumbai. The Indian city of Amritsar is also her home. She also has a piece of property in Rupnagar, Punjab. Kaur grew up in Moga, Punjab, part of India. She stayed there till she got a job offer from the Indian Railways and relocated to Mumbai. 

Harmanpreet Kaur's Wealth

The Indian cricket team captain, Harmanpreet Kaur, has demonstrated her worth. He is one of the world's most attractive athletes. Harmanpreet Kaur net worth is 23 billion Indian rupees.

Many young women still look up to Harmanpreet Kaur as a role model for pursuing their ambitions. Her skill level is unrivalled. Most spectators in the stadium and at home are impressed by her hitting style and ability to steer the team to victory. Players like Harmanpreet Kaur inspire optimism in Indians by setting a positive example.  She is always proud of his nation. She managed and handled his personal and professional life effectively. She will definitely inspire youth to see dreams and work hard to achieve them.

Where does Harmanpreet Kaur live?
Harmanpreet Kaur resides in Mumbai at present.
Where is Harmanpreet Kaur from?
Moga, Punjab, is the home of Harmanpreet Kaur. She was born to Harmandar Singh Bhullar, a former volleyball and basketball player, and Satwinder Kaur.
Why did Harmanpreet Kaur take a sabbatical from captaincy?
Harmanpreet Kaur stepped down as captain for a while because she felt sick. She was good as a captain and always helped her team members. She is a multi talented woman and always works hard to achieve her goals in life.