The Making Of Moeen family, Faith, And The Journey From Inner-City Birmingham To Poster Boy For Multicultural Britain

Cricket is a gentleman's game. This point gets proven from time to time as we see some real gentlemen players in the arena. Although sledging and hooting find their way into cricket, they’re more directed at instigating batsmen or bowlers for distraction. Cricket, from a broader perspective, is a game where aggressive behaviour doesn’t have any place. 

Moeen Ali is one such player that defines cricket’s gentleness. Let’s find out the cricketer’s background, his faith, and just how he managed to become a poster boy on the field.

Moeen Ali: The Kind Player

Although aggressive on the field, Moeen Ali is an elegant batsman with soft-spoken skills who intends to promote social mobility and racial harmony. The way he talks is something anyone would love to cherish. Similarly, his body language demonstrates his kind behaviour. He never uses harsh words if the batsman hits too many runs. Also, he stays calm even if an umpire makes a wrong decision. All these points showcase his gentle and kind behaviour.

Moeen Ali: His family

The English cricketer has been playing for his side since 2014. Born on 18th June 1987 in Birmingham, Moeen Ali has his origins in Pakistan. His grandfather migrated from Mirpur Kashmir, while his grandmother was a white Briton. The player can understand Punjabi and Urdu besides Hindi and English.

His father, Munir Ali worked as a mental health nurse and a cab driver. Moeen grew up on the same street as Kabir Ali, Rawait Khan, and Naqash Tahir. He has two cricket-playing brothers, Omar Ali and Kadir Ali.

Moeen Ali: His Faith

Moeen comes from a simple family with an extremely strong religious background. The cricketer plans to open a chip shop and do mosque work. Moeen Ali is a religious individual and Worcestershire, his county team, has provided him with a special room for prayers. In the past, the cricketer has shown deep concern about Muslims joining terrorist organisations such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda. He has also tried to raise awareness in this respect.

His Journey From Inner-city Birmingham to Poster Boy

Despite being a religious person, Moeen invested in his cricketing abilities. He sharpened his skills in the batting and bowling arenas. He shed enough sweat to get to where he is today. His journey to the Indian Premier League wasn’t a piece of cake. On the contrary, it was filled with barriers and difficulties.

First of all, his father was an average wage earner. So, Moeen Ali had to face financial hardships to continue his training. Secondly, many people questioned him about his beard. Moeen would happily reply stating that he takes pride in being a Muslim, an Asian, and an English cricketer. According to him, there’s no conflict within him in any of these aspects.

Moeen began his domestic cricketing career playing for Warwickshire before switching to Worcestershire after the 2006 season. Moeen Ali was the captain of the under-19 team for the 2006 World Cup. He successfully led the team to the semis. The national selectors quickly picked him for the English test squad against Sri Lanka in 2014. Since then, the cricketer has played 68 tests grabbing 204 wickets at an average of 37.31. He has made 3,094 runs in 68 test matches at an average of 28.13. His highest score stands at 155.

Moeen Ali appeared in 129 ODIs picking 99 wickets at an average of 49.90. His ODI batting stats include 3 centuries and 6 fifties. He scored 2,212 runs at an impressive average of 25.14, and his highest score stands at 128. His T20 career is equally stunning where he performed excellently in all three departments of cricket.

Moeen Ali's records are as amazing as his behaviour and faith. The all-rounder rose on the streets and touched the heights of the sky in cricket. Let’s see what new stories centred on Moeen Ali come up in the coming years.

For which team does Moeen Ali play for in the IPL?
The all-rounder showcases his skills for Chennai Super Kings.
What is Moeen’s favourite street food?
He likes to eat KFC burgers.
Where was Moeen born?
He was born in Sparkhill, Birmingham.