The Supportive Wife Of Rahul Tewatia: Ridhi Pannu

Ridhi Pannu is well-known in India as the wife of cricketer Rahul Tewatia. A versatile Indian cricketer, he can play any position. His IPL success in recent years has made him a superstar.

Rahul Tewatia’s wife, Ridhi Pannu, is lovely. Since their low-key wedding made headlines, fans have been talking about the newlyweds everywhere on different social media platforms.

Love Story of Ridhi Pannu and Rahul Tewatia

Ridhi Pannu and Rahul Tewatia are a power pair that has taken over Indian social media. On February 3, 2021, they got engaged in Rahul's home in Haryana. Only close friends and family were there, so it was a small gathering. 

After getting engaged in February 2021, they got married on November 29, 2021. Bhupinder Singh Hooda, who used to be the Chief Minister of Haryana, was at Ridhi's Mehendi event, according to her Instagram post of December 26, 2021.

Rahul Tewatia's Wedding

Getting engaged to the cricket superstar has boosted Ridhi's Instagram following. Rahul Tewatia’s wife is known as a stylish, family-oriented young woman. Instead of the traditional pink or red, Ridhi wore a pale green lehenga, defying the norms for brides everywhere. The intricate design of her outfit won fans from all over India. Instagram photos demonstrating the couple's affection for one another sparked widespread discussion about their relationship.

Ridhi Pannu Personal Life

Few details about Ridhi's early childhood are known; her mother, Suman Pannu, gave birth to her in Mumbai in 1995. She also has a brother, Aakash Pannu. 

With his recent success in the Indian Premier League and newlywed status with Ridhi, Rahul Tewatia has risen in the public eye. Ridhi, on the other hand, has a stellar reputation for her dedication to her family and her chic fashion sense. 

She defied expectations by wearing a pastel green lehenga instead of the typical pink or red. The attention to detail in her clothing was remarkable, and it won her many fans.

Ridhi Pannu's Social media

Ridhi's Instagram popularity has soared after marrying the cricketer. Ridhi Pannu's images on her social media account are proof that she is happy with Rahul Tewatia. She looks extremely gorgeous, and the couple looks perfect in every sense. 

Rahul Tewatia and Ridhi have kept their relationship private by not mentioning much about their personal lives. Despite this, their Instagram images show a strong emotional bond.

Do Rahul Tewatia and Ridhi Pannu Have Children?

Ridhi Pannu and Rahul Tewatia are going to be parents for the first time. The delighted couple eagerly await their newborn. They're starting a nursery for their baby. Delivery is expected in August 2023. Ridhi and Rahul Tewatia are excited to start this new chapter together. 

Rahul Tewatia, with his wife Ridhi Pannu, is living a lovable life. Now, the couple is expecting a baby. We hope that their love and care will increase more after the child enters their lives. The couple is excited and eagerly waiting for their new life journey with their little baby.

Who is Riddhi Pannu?
Ridhi Pannu is a well-known Indian actress engaged to marry Rahul Tewatia, a leg-spin all-rounder for the Rajasthan Royals. She got married to the cricketer on November 29, 2021.
Will Rahul Tewatia play in IPL 2023?
The Ahmedabad franchise paid Rs 9.00 Cr. in the IPL Auction 2023 to secure the services of Rahul Tewatia. In his final IPL game, which took place in May 2023 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, India, he scored 0 runs off 0 balls and was dismissed.
Who did Tewatia hit 5 sixes to?
Tewatia went on a rampage in the 18th over, hitting five sixes all over the Sharjah Stadium against Sheldon Cottrell. As a result of his efforts, Rajasthan Royals completed their massive run chase and won the game by 4 wickets.