“There Were Times When I Wanted To Give Up" -Shaheen Afridi Opens Up About His Injury Struggles

Over the past six months, Shaheen Afridi has attempted multiple comebacks. In the Galle Test against Sri Lanka, he landed awkwardly while trying to rescue a boundary, and ever since then, he's had trouble with his knee. He then underwent an extensive London-based rehabilitation programme to get back in fighting shape for the T20 World Cup. 

Shaheen's rhythm improved as he played Down Under, but in the last seconds of a tightly contested match at MCG, he damaged his knee when taking a catch to remove Harry Brook.

Why Shaheen Afridi wanted to give up 

The 22-year-old fast has passed all the necessary tests to return to competitive play. It can now focus only on the Pakistan Super League, where he will skipper the Lahore Qalandars, the reigning champions. His much-touted homecoming isn't only about moving forward; it's also a time for looking back. "There were times when I came so close to giving up that I almost did," Shaheen Afridi told PCB Digital. I was focusing on a single muscle group and waiting for results from my workouts. I would say to myself, "This is enough; I cannot do this anymore," rather frequently during the therapy sessions. However, seeing my bowling performances on YouTube inspired me to "push a little more" and improve my game. Fast bowlers hate having to sit out of cricket games due to injuries.”

The prolific fast bowler has missed a few national team appearances due to injuries. He missed the Asia Cup, a T20I series against England that lasted seven games, and all of his team's post-World Cup matches, which included three Tests and three One-Day Internationals (ODIs) against New Zealand. Shaheen missed 15 games for Pakistan, which hurt the team's chances.

However, Shaheen Afridi kept in touch with the team's young bowling squad, who had a rough introduction to Test cricket against a carefree England side led by Ben Stokes and Brendon McCullum. Shaheen used to continuously talk on phone with the team players including Harish Rauf, Naseem and rest of the team bowlers who appeared for the tests. Naseem has great speed and accuracy with the bowling ball, and his mind is quick and clear. All he wanted to do at that moment was knock a few sixes and win the game for Pakistan. He was eager to contribute to the ball when England made many runs. 

Shaheen Afridi is a professional fast bowler for the Pakistan National Cricket Team. Shaheen has had a stellar career in cricket and has played for several teams worldwide. He is a tremendous bowler of Pakistan. Now he is looking for some big opportunity that will make his position in the Pakistan team strong.

What is the profession of Shaheen Afridi?
The Pakistani cricketer Shaheen Afridi is a left-arm fast bowler. His tall personality gives him additional benefits. We hope he will work hard and make some new records in the future. 
Who is Shaheen Afridi’s wife?
Shaheen Afridi is set to become engaged to Ansha Afridi, daughter of Shahid Afridi. You can see Shaheen Afridi's images with Ansha Afridi on his social media account. 
Who are Shaheen Afridi's Parents?
The names of Shaheen Afridi's parents, Ayaz Khan. His family supports him in his cricket journey. His eldest brother Riaz is also connected with cricket and helps him in every field.