Venkatesh Prasad Vs Aakash Chopra’s Social-Media Battle And What It Says About Cricket Ecosystem

Controversy is the second name of social media. We have seen many big social media fights among big personalities and still, this is never over. Every day we get to listen to this kind of news happening over social media platforms. Talking about the cricket world, they are also not different. Many times big cricketers get into heated arguments over social media platforms while sending each other sarcastic tweets and all. 

This time we are talking about Venkatesh Prasad and Aakash Chopra's social media battle. They both got into a social media war. Both are former cricketers and everybody was shocked as it seemed that it was not going to end soon. Aakash Chopra has been a part of many statements that were not liked by other cricketers. 

Who is Aakash Chopra and Venkatesh Prasad?

Aakash Chopra is a former cricketer and cricketer commentator in India. Aakash Chopra's DOB is 19 September 1977. He was born in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Aakash Chopra is 45 years old. During his cricket days, he has played for India. Delhi, Kolkata Knight Riders, etc. He is a right-hand batsman. Aakash Chopra's match stats are not impressive. He has played only in test and IPL events.

Like Aakash Chopra and commentary career, Venkatesh Prasad is also a former cricketer, commentator, and coach. He was born on 5 August 1969 in Bangalore (Karnataka). He started his cricket journey in 1996. In 2007 Venkatesh Prasad got selected as a bowling coach for the Bangladesh Tour. He was a bowler especially and has played 33 Tests, 161 ODI, 123 FC, and 236 List A. Aakash Chopra debut match was for New Zealand in Ahmedabad in 2003. 

Venkatesh Prasad and Aakash Chopra’s Social Media Battle

Aakash Chopra former cricketer and Youtuber Venkatesh Prasad got into a heated argument for the selection of KL Rahul in Team India. They both were trending on social media for 48 hours continuously for their cryptic tweets and posts on each other. The audiences were parted in two ways, some are on Aakash Chopra's side and some are on Venkatesh Prasad's side. It has become a war on social media for people to decide who is right or wrong. 

Aakash Chopra openly invited Venkatesh Prasad to his YouTube live show for discussion but Venkatesh refused it. After dragging KL Rahul's name into the argument people were making allegations about Prasad that he was doing all these things just to come into the limelight. People also say that Prasad didn't get the chance to get a seat on the main selection committee member in the Indian cricket team. That is why he is irritated and expressing his irritation while doing this unnecessary debate. It was a normal debate between Aakash and Prasad but as usual, trollers made it a big issue on social media. In this war, people had started reminding Aakash's poor test record just to humiliate him. 

It's not a new thing when cricketers express their thoughts on social media openly and other cricketers find it unacceptable and it leads to a social media war. We have seen many big cricketers fighting openly on the cricket ground and people were in shock. Being in the sports world or a big personality sometimes this kind of situation creates Aakash Chopra and Venkatesh Prasad social media war among them. 

Who is Venkatesh Prasad?
Venkatesh Prasad is a former cricketer, commentator, and coach.
Why did Aakash and Prasad get into a social media war?
Aakash and Prasad got into a social media war because of the selection of KL Rahul in Team India.
When was the end of the discussion?
The social media war ended peacefully as both former cricketers never crossed their limits.