Viv Richards Net Worth In 2023 How Rich Is He Now

 Sir Vivian Richards, commonly known as Viv Richards, is a cricket legend who has dominated the ground with his unmatched batting prowess. He represented the West Indies national team from 1974 to 1991, the era marked by the Windies' excellence.

Vivian Richards boasted several records in his international cricketing career, including the fastest century, twenty unbeaten test centuries, the highest test batsman and many more. He is regarded as the first-ever West Indian batsman to score 8,000 runs in test cricket tournaments.

Moreover, Sir Richards is one of the rarest captains in cricket history to achieve the highest batting average for the team in test matches. Under his captaincy, West Indies triumphed in the World Cup twice in 1975 and 1979.

So, what’s the net worth of Vivian Richards in 2023?

With such a glorious appearance on the field, Viv Richards is an icon of financial empowerment in today’s cricket world. His financial success came not only from the field but also from several endorsements, business ventures and public engagements.

As per reports, Viv Richards’s net worth is around $20 million. However, this is just an estimation, which could slightly fluctuate depending on his present business ventures and investments.

Is Vivian Richards Rich?

Well, a net worth of $20 million is much above the average income of our general population. But, if you compare this amount with the net worth of today’s cricketers, you won’t be able to consider him among the richest cricketers in the world.

But, it’s also quite important to note that the era in which Viv Richards was in his best form (during the late 80s and 90s) significantly differed from today’s era of commercialisation of the sport. So, comparing his net worth with today’s sports stars won't be a fair assessment.

The Cricketing Odyssey

Vivian Richards was born on 7th March 1952, in Saint John's, located in Antigua and Barbuda. Viv Richards’s age is 71 years. The Antiguan cricketer debuted in international test cricket in 1974 against India and ODI matches in 1975 against Sri Lanka.

In the second match of his career, Sir Richards scored an unbeaten 192, which awe-struck all cricket enthusiasts across the globe. In 1976, he was at his peak with an average strike rate of 90 and 7 centuries in just 11 test matches. His record of 1710 runs in these matches remained unbroken for 30 years.

Another crowning achievement of Sir Viv Richards is the fastest test century ever in cricket history. It was a test match against England in 1986, in which he scored a century off just 56 balls. In ODI matches, he kept a strike rate of 90+ till the day he retired. And in the 1979 World Cup final match, where the Windies smashed England, he bagged the Man of the Match with a century.

According to Viv Richards’s latest news, he is associated with multiple business ventures and endorsements, starting from international sports brands to business partnerships. He also joined the 2022 Lanka Premier League as the ambassador.

Sir Viv Richards’s name resonates with unmatched batting prowess in the sporting world. He has also led a successful financial career owing to his professional achievements. Those who had the privilege of witnessing Viv Richards’s matches will never be able to get over his command of the cricket pitch.

What is the best batting figure of Viv Richards?
Sir Richards scored 291 runs in a single match from the 1976-77 test series of West Indies vs. England. It’s his best batting figure and one of his most iconic performances.
What is the best batting ICC rank of Viv Richards?
Viv Richards’s test ICC best ranking as a batsman was 1st in 1976; the same year, he was in the 1st position in ODI cricket. His current test and ODI ranks are 12th and 7th.
What is the full name of Viv Richards?
The full name of Sir Richards is Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards.
What is the name of Viv Richards’s wife?
Mariam Richards is the name of Sir Richards’s wife.