Viv Richards Wife (Miriam Richards) | Marriage | Relationship

Viv Richards aka Sir Vivian Richards is one of the most iconic cricketers in sports history. With a record of scoring 8,000 runs in test cricket tournaments, his contribution to the West Indies national cricket team during the 80s and 90s remains unparalleled.

The magnetic personality of Sir Richards, both on and off the field, attracted not only cricket buffs all over the world but people from all walks of life. And so, admirers worldwide are keen on knowing about his personal life besides his on-field achievements.

Is Sir Vivian Richards Married?

Yes, Sir Viv Richards is married with two children. The name of Viv Richards’s wife is Miriam Richards. Very little information is found about her professional career. It’s only known that her nationality is American and she is a well-known celebrity spouse married to Sir Richards.

As per reports, Miriam Richards has kept her personal life private to the media. Sir Richards has also never disclosed much about her and their family life to the press. So, her date of birth remains unknown to us though we can estimate that it could be between 55 to 60 years.

According to reports, Miriam Richards is a West Indian with American nationality. She has beautiful dark eyes. Her current residence is in Jamaica. Though her net worth is undisclosed, Sir Viv Richards’s net worth is estimated to be $20 Million mostly from his successful career on the field.

Education, Marriage Date and Children

Viv Richards’s age currently is 71 years, according to the fact that he was born on 7th March 1952 in Antigua. Before stepping into international cricket, Sir Richards completed schooling and joined a sports club in St John’s but the educational background of his wife remains undisclosed.

The marriage date of Sir Richards with Miriam is also not available with us. They together have two children. The names of their two sons are Matara and Mali Richards. Though we couldn’t find much information about Matara Richards, Mali Richards is a well-known West Indian cricketer.

Born on 2nd September 1983 in England, Mali Richards is 40 years old. After completing his education at Cheltenham College, he followed in his father’s footsteps and entered the world of sports. He has played domestic matches for the Leeward Islands from 2009 to 2014.

Viv Richards’s Relationships

Viv Richards’s romantic relationships are mostly kept private to the world. However, his relationship with the Indian celebrity actress Neena Gupta was disclosed to the press. While Sir Richards was at the peak of his cricketing career, they met and developed a unique and enduring bond.

Neena Gupta is known for her spectacular on-screen presence both in television and Hindi movies. Her way of life has remained challenging and fearless, inspiring generations of progressive women. Out of convention, she decided to give birth to her and Sir Richards’s daughter outside of marriage.

Viv Richards’s Daughter

As a single mother, Neena has been balancing her motherhood with her acting profession perfectly. Her daughter Masaba Gupta is a well-known fashion designer who styles many celebrities and famous personalities. Masaba has been in touch with her father and they share a wonderful bond.

Neena never got married to Viv Richards and as she turned 42, she decided to marry accountant Vivek Mehra. Masaba Gupta is married to Satyadeep Mishra, a famous Indian actor. She is currently at the peak of her fashion designing career, making her signature mark in the industry.

Sir Viv Richards is among the famous cricketers known for their impeccable personality on and off the field. However, his married life and relationships are not much disclosed to the media. Currently, he is associated with multiple business ventures across the globe.

How many children does Viv Richards have?
Vivian Richards has three children, two sons and one daughter.
When did Viv and Miriam Richards get married?
Viv and Miriam Richards's marriage date is unknown.
Is Viv Richards still married to Miriam Richards?
According to reports, Viv and Miriam Richards had a divorce.
Is Neena Gupta associated with Viv Richards?
Neena Gupta has a daughter with Vivian Richards out of marriage.