Who Is Aman Hakim Khan? Know All About DC's New Star Batsman In IPL 2023

Are you looking for Aman Hakim Khan Records? If yes, you’re not alone in this race. Many fans all over the world seek information about this emerging talent. Although hundreds of players make their way to the cricketing arena, very few of them stay in the limelight. Some players exit the horizon after a while, whereas others keep struggling for a long time. Then some stars become legends. While Aman Hakim Khan is a newcomer, experts believe that he possesses all the capabilities of a long-runner in cricket.

Aman Hakim Khan Latest News

This young player has played a few matches. However, he rose from being a bowler to an all-rounder. The story dates back to 2000 when Aman Hakim Khan got injured in a road accident. He wasn’t able to bowl in the match because of thigh and elbow injuries. Still, he was present at the stadium. When he found that his team struggled at 50 for 5, he asked his coach, Pravin Amre to let him bat. Moved by the zeal of the injured cricketer, Amre allowed him to bat. Surprisingly, Aman made a fifty-plus knock rescuing his team.

Aman Hakim Khan repeated such innings on most occasions. In the process, he became a complete all-rounder. He has also performed well in the fielding department and saved many runs for his side. Plus, he took some unbelievable catches, thus helping bowlers and his side. However, his performance against Gujarat Titans in the 2023 IPL is the highlight of his limited career to date.

After batting first, Delhi Capitals were struggling at 23 for 5 in 5 overs. It looked like the team would collapse under 100. However, the crowd got an opportunity to see a well-crafted inning from Aman Hakim Khan. As well as rescuing his team, Aman ensured that Delhi put up a fighting score of 130 for a strong Gujarat Titans.

With better bowling and fielding, Delhi managed to win this miracle match and surprised everyone. Aman Hakim Khan became the talking point of discussions as a result. Veterans and fans started pouring heaps of praise for a lovely knock from Aman.

What’s So Special About Aman Hakim Khan?

The beauty of Aman’s batting lies in patience. He never gets carried by the crowd or the game’s popularity. Also, he never gets impulsive to score big runs quickly. Instead, he understands the situation and plays accordingly. There have been some occasions when his sides were in trouble. During those times, he kept his mind cool and batted cautiously, riding his side to a better score.

As well as demonstrating his skills in domestic cricket, Aman Hakim Khan IPL matches have shown his extraordinary cricketing abilities. With his wonderful 51 off 44 balls, Aman helped his side scale to 130, a fighting total that won the match for Delhi.

Most veterans and commentators feel that the cricketer can quickly find his place in test matches and become a rescuer like Dravid and Laxman in the long format of the game. Some cricketers think that he can be the next Kapil Dev due to his all-rounder performances.

Amassing runs and rescuing a side are two different things. While every batter seems to make runs, not everyone can rescue his side from a bad position. Aman Hakim Khan is one such rising star that has shown this exceptional ability from time to time. Let’s wait and find out what new records we get to see from this young cricketer.

Why is Aman Hakim Khan called a rescue player?
He has tied his sides from a bad position to a strong position on many occasions. This is why he got the tag of a rescuer.
Is Aman a batter or a bowler?
The player is gifted with batting as well as bowling traits. Although he started as a fast bowler, he quickly became a valuable all-rounder and played some amazing knocks.
Who is Aman’s coach?                                     
Veteran Indian cricketer Pravin Amre coached this emerging all-rounder and made him realise his batting abilities.