Who Is Harshal Patel Girlfriend? Know All About His Rumoured Gf Devarshi Joshi

Cricket players, just like Bollywood celebrities, are in the spotlight not only for their outstanding on-field achievements but also for their personal life in the world of sports. Fans and media are both interested in the recent hype surrounding Royal Challengers Bangalore's star bowler Harshal Patel. The rumoured romance between cricketer Harshal Patel and actress Devarshi Joshi has been in the news, giving fans a peek into the player’s private life. Let's get into detail about Harshal Patel's personal life and, most importantly, about his girlfriend. 

Harshal Patel's Early Life

Harshal Patel was born in Sanand on November 23, 1990. His father, Vikram Patel, is a civil aviation employee of Prime Flight Aviation, and her mother owns a franchise of Dunkin Donuts. He was born and raised in Gujarat, where he started playing cricket at the age of eight. However, his official career got a real start in 2008 when he was picked for the U19 team and for his incredible performance, he was cherished with the U-19 Vinoo Mankad Trophy. 

Throughout the game, he was excellent and took 23 wickets overall. In the field, he was a force to be reckoned with due to his capacity to throw accurate yorkers and swing the ball both ways. However, what really captured him in the public eye was his stunning performance in the Indian Premier League.

Harshal Patel's Wife and Personal Life

Devrashi Joshi, who is an alumnus of Atlanta's Savannah College of Art & Design and also a childhood best friend of Harshal Patel, has been dating the cricketer. Harshal Patel was often seen posting about Devarshi Joshi on his social media posts. He even shared a sweet photo of the couple on her birthday and wrote, “Happy birthday, my darling!! Stay untamed.” 

However, it appeared that Patel was focused more on establishing himself at the national level. Now, after several years of being quiet and private about his personal life, the Royal Challengers Bangalore pacer has confirmed his relationship with Devarshi and said he had been with her since childhood.

Harshal Patel's Wife: Devarshi Joshi

Harshal Patel’s wife has never disclosed her age or date of birth and is very private about her life. She has not made any public appearances with her husband and is completely discreet about her life. Even people are not aware of her birthplace, and neither is her location known. 

Also, Devarshi's parents never came into the limelight and have always kept their and her daughter's personal affairs private and hardly ever participated in media appearances or public interviews. Lastly, Devarshi is not on social media since she has always been a very private person.

Decoding Their Online Presence: Reading Between the Texts

It's amazing to observe how followers and media meticulously decode each like, comment and post to find any underlying messages. Even though Harshal Patel and Devarshi Joshi kept their relationship private, Harshal internet exchanges have suggested that they are close. These interactions, whether they involve comparable interests, encouraging one another in their goals, or just lighthearted banter, all have fed rumours about their alleged romance.

Importance of Respecting Privacy 

While admirers and the media might be curious to learn more about the private lives of their favourite celebrities, it is important to keep in mind that these people have a right to their privacy. It is also important for fans to respect the limitations imposed by the parties concerned because speculations and rumours may frequently be intrusive. While speculation about Harshal and his wife's alleged relationship has come true, it is equally crucial to handle such situations delicately.

As cricket fans follow their favourite players' journeys, it is crucial to concentrate on their accomplishments on the pitch and accept their decisions regarding the information they choose to disclose about their private lives. In the end, Harshal Patek’s character is mostly defined by his commitment to and prowess in the game of cricket rather than only by his relationships. 

Harshal Patel plays for which IPL team?
Harshal Patel currently plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore IPL team. In each IPL season, he has come with improved skills and given powerpact performances.
What is Harshal Patel's height?
Harshal Patel is an international Indian cricket player whose height is 1.75 metres, which makes him 5.7 ft, which is an average height for a cricketer.
What is Harshal Patel’s net worth? 
As of 2023, Harshal Patel’s net worth is INR 25 crores or $3 million.