WTC Final: Farokh Engineer Urges Stakeholders To Pull Test Cricket Out Of The Danger Zone

Despite his excitement about the IPL becoming the "envy of the world," former India wicket keeper Farokh Engineer wants the stakeholders to save Test cricket from the "danger zone," arguing that the classic format cannot be abandoned in favour of the booming slam-bang version of the game.

Even though countries like India, England, and Australia continue investing heavily in Test cricket, players from poorer nations increasingly opt to play in franchise leagues instead.

Farokh Engineer’s Opinions on the Current Cricket Scenario

It's not good that test cricket is in jeopardy. Farokh Engineer told PTI that while it's great that T20 leagues have helped spread cricket worldwide, they should never come at the expense of Test cricket.

The World Test Championship proves to the cricketing world that Test matches can be as exciting as shorter game formats.

Depending on the variables, it's a chess game. This is the pinnacle of difficulty for batters. The 85-year-old cricket fan from Manchester, who has made the trip to London to see India and Australia play in the WTC final, believes that both Test and limited-overs cricket have a place in the sport.

What is Farokh Engineer’s Thinking about Today’s Test Cricket?

Farokh Engineer used to play when cricketers made Rs 50 a day, but now that the new generation is making millions off the IPL, he couldn't be happier.

He said that India is now in the driver's seat in both Test cricket and limited overs cricket; our IPL is the envy of the globe. One of the few Parsi cricketers who played for India said that he is ecstatic that India is in charge of the sport.

Even in his prime, Farokh Engineer says, the game drew massive crowds, and now it is played worldwide thanks to professional leagues.

He is an avid follower of cricket and it runs in his family. The British unintentionally created cricket, a popular sport in India. The game's popularity was constant even before the advent of T20.

Farokh Engineer said that it was premature to speak of Gill as Virat's successor while Virat still has a few good years left. He has shown himself as an outstanding player and India's captain and has nothing further to prove. He's still the best there is.

He said that he did not doubt that Gill will do well in Tests, as he is a very good batter now, enjoying the best form of his career. Gill has demonstrated that one may play conventionally while succeeding in Twenty20 cricket. Farokh Engineer, when asked what he thought would happen in the WTC final, responded tearfully that as an Indian, he would always want his team to win. Before the championship match, neither team could play any "useful" warm-up games and warm-up games always proved to be helpful.

Where does Farokh engineer live?
His magnificent catch to dismiss John Edrich in the Test at Lord's in 1971 is still talked about warmly by fans. Engineer became a legend for Lancashire after retiring from professional cricket. He settled in Lancashire after marrying a local woman.
Why is Farokh engineer famous?
Farokh Engineer was a wicketkeeper and flamboyant batsman who excelled to the point that he was chosen as the starting keeper for the Rest of the World XI in a series against England and Australia in the early 1970s.
Where did Farokh engineer played his last Test match?
In addition to the Indian national team, he played extensively for Lancashire and Mumbai. That 1975 Test was his last. Farokh Engineer's final Test match was held in his hometown.