Axar Patel

Axar Patel
Format Test ODI T20I FC
Matches 230 290 78 90
Innings 109 67 74 89
Runs 112 270 37 32
Bat S/R 88 274 115 39
Average 89 87 78 67
50/100 78 300 39 89
4s/6s 78 34 115 56
Format Test ODI T20I FC
Matches 8 27 83 28
Innings 14 81 27 44
Balls 1279 4300 591 5391
Wickets 34 139 46 100
Economy 3.43 5.18 5.18 6.76
Bowl S/R 37.61 30.93 12.84 53.91
Average 21.55 26.75 14.47 32.56
5w 3 1 1 4

Player Bio

Axar Patel, also known as Akshar Patel, is a talented cricket player hailing from Anand, Gujarat. Born on January 20, 1994, Patel is currently 29 years old and has made significant contributions to the teams he has represented throughout his career. Known for his left-handed batting and slow left-arm orthodox bowling, Patel is considered a valuable bowling all-rounder.

Axar Patel – Early Life and Background 

Axar Rajeshbhai Patel, affectionately called Bapu by his teammates, was born on January 20, 1994, in Anand, Gujarat. From a young age, cricket captured his imagination and became an integral part of his life. Growing up in a cricket-loving family, with strong support from his parents and siblings, Patel's passion for the game flourished.

Influenced by cricketers such as Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid, he started playing cricket at the age of nine. He honed his skills by practicing for hours in the local nets and participating in school matches. His commitment to the sport was evident even during those early days.

Patel's talent did not go unnoticed for long. His exceptional performances at the junior level caught the attention of selectors. With each passing tournament and season, he continued to make a name for himself in domestic cricket.

Rise to Prominence 

Patel's rise to prominence began when he had a successful debut season for Gujarat in 2013. He played a crucial role in India Under-23s' title win in the ACC Emerging Teams Cup that year. With impressive numbers both with the bat and ball in the Ranji Trophy - scoring 369 runs at an average of 46.12 and taking 29 wickets at 23.58, he became a rising star in Indian cricket.

His performances earned him an IPL contract with the Mumbai Indians, although he did not get a chance to showcase his skills on the field until the following year when he joined Kings XI Punjab. Patel made an immediate impact by taking 16 wickets at an economy rate of 6.22, showing his prowess as a bowler.

The national team soon took notice of his consistent performances, and he received a call-up to the Indian ODI squad for the tour of Bangladesh in 2014. Patel made his ODI debut on June 15, marking the beginning of his international career.

Axar Patel – Cricketing Career

Axar Patel's cricketing career is marked by impressive performances across different formats of the game. He made his T20I debut against Zimbabwe in 2015 and quickly established himself as a valuable member of India's limited-overs squads. Often filling in for Ravindra Jadeja, Patel showcased his all-round abilities in both batting and bowling.

However, it was in Test cricket that Patel truly left a mark. His Test debut came during the England series in 2021. In just his second Test match, he took five wickets on debut in Chennai, followed by an exceptional performance in the third Test where he claimed an 11-wicket haul. Patel finished the series with an impressive tally of 27 wickets, establishing himself as a potent threat with the ball.

In ODIs, Patel has been a consistent performer for India. With notable contributions both with bat and ball, he has always provided stability to the team's middle order while also picking up crucial wickets when needed.

Some of Patel's most memorable moments include scoring his first ODI fifty against West Indies off just 27 balls and helping India secure a series win. These performances highlighted his ability to provide quick runs and stabilize the innings when required.

Patel's career statistics showcase his impact on the field. In Test matches, he has taken 50 wickets in just 12 games at an impressive average of 17.16. In ODIs, Patel has picked up 58 wickets in 51 matches, while in T20Is, he has claimed 37 scalps in 40 games.

His bowling average across all formats is commendable, and he has been a key component of India's bowling attack. Patel's left-arm spin brings variety to the team's arsenal and makes him a valuable asset in different conditions.

Off the field, Patel is known for his calm and composed demeanor. He maintains a low-profile persona and lets his performances speak for themselves. His dedication towards fitness and continuous improvement is evident through his consistent performances on the pitch.

In conclusion, Axar Patel is a talented cricket player who has made significant contributions to Indian cricket. With his left-arm spin bowling and handy batting skills, he has played crucial roles for various teams throughout his career. As he continues to evolve as a cricketer, fans can expect more memorable performances from this young talent.

Axar Patel – Major Tournaments and Series

Axar Patel has had the opportunity to showcase his skills in various major tournaments and series throughout his career. Although he hasn't participated in ICC World Cups or Champions Trophy tournaments, he has made notable contributions in other competitions.

In the Indian Premier League (IPL), Patel has played a crucial role for different franchises. He began his IPL journey with the Mumbai Indians in 2013 but did not get a chance to play a game. The following year, he joined the Kings XI Punjab and immediately made an impact with his left-arm spin bowling, picking up 16 wickets at an impressive economy rate of 6.22.

Over the years, Patel's performances in the IPL continued to impress. His ability to control the flow of runs and take wickets at crucial stages of the game earned him recognition as one of the top spinners in the tournament. With his accurate bowling and subtle variations, he has consistently troubled batsmen, particularly on slow pitches.

One of Patel's most memorable moments in the IPL came during the 2020 season when he recorded figures of 5/21 against the Royal Challengers Bangalore. This outstanding performance earned him the prestigious Purple Cap for being the leading wicket-taker of that season.

In addition to his IPL success, Patel has also been a key contributor in domestic tournaments like the Ranji Trophy and Vijay Hazare Trophy. His left-arm spin has proven effective on traditional Indian pitches, where he often finds turn and bounce to trouble batsmen.

Axar Patel – Playing Role and Skills

Axar Patel is primarily known for his exceptional left-arm spin bowling skills. As a slow left-arm orthodox bowler, he possesses excellent control over line and length, making it difficult for batsmen to score freely against him. He is capable of extracting turn from even unresponsive surfaces, which adds another dimension to his bowling.

One of Patel's greatest strengths is his ability to maintain a consistent line and length, making it difficult for batsmen to attack him. He varies his pace and flight, deceiving the batsmen in the air and forcing them into making mistakes. His subtle variations make him a difficult bowler to read, especially in limited-overs cricket.

Despite being primarily known for his bowling prowess, Patel has also displayed decent batting skills. Although he hasn't registered any centuries in international cricket, he has played some useful cameos with the bat. His attacking approach and ability to score quick runs lower down the order have proven beneficial for his teams on several occasions.

Like any player, Patel has areas of improvement as well. One aspect he can work on is adding more variety to his bowling arsenal. While he already possesses deceptive spin and control, developing additional variations like a carrom ball or a quicker delivery could make him even more challenging to face.

Axar Patel – Personality and Off-the-Field Persona

Off the field, Axar Patel is known for maintaining a low profile. He comes across as a humble individual who prefers to let his performances speak for themselves rather than seeking unnecessary attention. Despite being a part of high-profile tournaments like the IPL, he remains grounded and focused on improving his game.

Patel's calm demeanor on the field reflects his composed personality off it. He rarely lets external factors affect his performance and maintains a level-headed approach in pressure situations. This mental strength allows him to execute his skills effectively without succumbing to nerves.

While not much information is available about Patel's personal interests and hobbies, it is evident that cricket holds a significant place in his life. His dedication to the sport is unwavering, as seen by the consistent performances he delivers on the field.

In terms of brand endorsements and sponsorships, Axar Patel has garnered attention from various reputable companies due to his impressive performances. However, he has not been associated with any major brands as of now.

Overall, Axar Patel's personality and off-the-field persona reflect his commitment to the game and his focus on continuous improvement. He remains an integral part of the Indian cricket team and a valuable asset for whichever franchise he represents in the IPL.

Axar Patel – Legacy and Impact

Axar Patel has made a significant impact on the game of cricket with his exceptional left-arm spin bowling skills. While his career is still relatively young, he has already left a mark on the sport. Patel's ability to consistently trouble batsmen with his accurate lines and lengths, along with subtle variations, has earned him praise from experts and fans alike.

Although he may not have any extraordinary records or achievements that stand out in cricket history just yet, Patel's performances have been influential in shaping the playing styles of other cricketers. His success as a slow left-arm orthodox bowler has inspired aspiring spinners to develop similar skills and techniques.

In particular, Patel's impact can be seen in the way young spinners approach their craft in India. They look up to him as a role model and try to emulate his accuracy and guile on the field. His success at the international level has motivated many budding cricketers to take up spin bowling as a profession.

Patel's contributions have not gone unnoticed by the cricketing community. While he may not have received any major individual awards so far, his performances have earned him recognition within his teams and among fellow players. His teammates value him for his work ethic, discipline, and commitment to the game.

Recognition and Awards

Axar Patel's remarkable performances have earned him several accolades throughout his career. In 2014, he was awarded the BCCI Under-19 Cricketer of the Year for his outstanding contributions at the junior level. This award recognized his potential and set him on a path towards greater success.

Additionally, Patel was named the Emerging Player of the Tournament in the 2014 IPL season while representing Kings XI Punjab. This award highlighted his impact in one of cricket's most prestigious T20 leagues.

In conclusion, Axar Patel has established himself as a talented cricket player known for his left-arm spin bowling skills and handy batting abilities. Throughout his career, he has made significant contributions to the teams he has represented, both domestically and internationally.

With a Test average of 17.16 and impressive performances in limited-overs cricket, Patel has shown great versatility across formats. His ability to take wickets consistently and restrict opposition batsmen has made him a valuable asset in various teams.

While Patel's career is still evolving, there is no doubt that he possesses the potential to achieve even greater heights in the years to come. As he continues to develop and refine his skills, Patel will be an exciting player to watch out for in future tournaments and series.

As an individual, Patel is known for his dedication, discipline, and commitment to the game. He sets high standards for himself and strives for excellence in every aspect of his cricketing journey. These qualities make him a respected figure among his teammates and fans.

In conclusion, Axar Patel's impact on the game of cricket extends beyond his individual statistics. He has inspired young cricketers with his exceptional bowling skills and committed approach to the sport. With his talent and determination, Patel is poised for continued success at both domestic and international levels.

When did Axar Patel make his ODI debut?
Axar Patel made his ODI debut on June 15, 2014, against Bangladesh.
How many wickets has Axar Patel taken in Test matches?
Axar Patel has taken 50 wickets in Test matches so far.
Which IPL team did Axar Patel represent before joining Delhi Capitals?
Before joining Delhi Capitals, Axar Patel represented Kings XI Punjab in the IPL from 2014 to 2019.
Has Axar Patel scored a century in international cricket?
No, Axar Patel is yet to score a century in international cricket.
How many wickets has Axar Patel taken in T20I matches?
Axar Patel has taken 37 wickets in T20I matches for India.