Chris Green

Chris Green

Player Bio

Christopher James Green, born on 1st October 1993 in Durban, Natal Province, South Africa, is a South African-Australian cricketer known for his prowess in the T20 format. Standing tall at 193 cm (6 ft 4 in), Green is a right-handed batsman and bowls right-arm off-break. He has established himself as an all-rounder, contributing significantly with both bat and ball.

Early Life and Entry into Cricket

Chris Green's journey into the world of cricket is an interesting one. Born in South Africa, he was raised in Australia. While he had a promising junior tennis career, given that both his parents, Warren and Lisa Green (Gould), were professional tennis players, Green eventually decided that cricket was his true calling. This decision led him to focus solely on the sport, setting the stage for his future achievements.

His cricketing journey began in earnest with the Sydney Thunder. Green made his debut for the Thunder in the final round of the BBL04. His performances quickly caught the eye of many, making him one of the most consistent performers in the Big Bash League.

Domestic Cricket Achievements

Green's domestic cricket journey is marked by his association with several teams. He has been a part of New South Wales since 2014/15 and has also played for the Sydney Thunder in the Big Bash League. His skills were not just limited to Australian domestic circuits. He expanded his horizons by playing for teams like Lahore Qalandars in 2017, Guyana Amazon Warriors from 2018 to 2020, Multan Sultans and Warwickshire in 2019, and Kolkata Knight Riders in 2020. In the subsequent years, he played for Middlesex and Jamaica Tallawahs, showcasing his versatility and adaptability in different conditions and leagues.

One of the significant highlights of his domestic career was his association with Johan Botha. Impressed by Green's performance in the BBL, Botha, who was the coach of Guyana Amazon Warriors in the Caribbean Premier League, signed him as a replacement player. Green did not disappoint and even took over as captain for the last few games of the 2018 tournament. Under his leadership, Guyana reached the final. Botha's faith in Green was further solidified when he signed him for Multan Sultans in the Pakistan Super League.

Apart from his bowling, Green is also a useful lower-order batsman and an exceptional outfielder. While his opportunities in other formats of the game have been limited, he is widely recognised as a talented short-form player. This recognition led to him being picked up by Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL auction in late 2019. He continued to make waves in the franchise circuit and even signed a record-breaking six-year deal with the Thunder.

However, like all sportspeople, Green's career also saw some challenges. In early 2020, he faced a setback when he was banned from bowling due to a suspect action. Both his offbreak and his quicker ball came under scrutiny. But showing resilience, Green was cleared six months later after undergoing testing in Brisbane.

Chris Green's journey in domestic cricket is a testament to his dedication, adaptability, and skill. From the pitches of Australia to the stadiums of the Caribbean and Pakistan, Green has showcased his talent and continues to be a force to reckon with in the world of cricket.

International Career Highlights

hile Chris Green's domestic career has been filled with numerous accolades and achievements, his international journey is still in its nascent stages. However, the glimpses of his talent that he has shown in domestic leagues around the world have made many believe that he has the potential to shine on the international stage.

Green's style of play, especially his ability to bowl during the powerplay in T20 matches, is a rare skill that many international teams desire. His height gives him an added advantage, allowing him to extract extra bounce from the pitch, making him a challenging bowler to face. Moreover, his calm and composed nature, even under pressure, makes him a valuable asset in crunch situations.

While he hasn't had a long stint with the Australian national team, the experiences and learnings from various domestic leagues worldwide have undoubtedly prepared him for the challenges of international cricket. The exposure to different playing conditions, understanding diverse pitch behaviours, and strategising against top international players in these leagues are experiences that can only aid his journey when he dons the Australian green and gold.

Notable Performances and Statistics

Chris Green's career, though more pronounced in domestic circuits, has some impressive statistics that underline his potential:

Bowling Prowess in T20s: In the T20 format, which is arguably Green's stronghold, he has played 168 matches. In these games, he has bowled 3,230 balls and taken 131 wickets. His best bowling figures in this format are an impressive 5/32. With an average of 29.17 and an economy rate that often hovers around the 7 mark, Green has showcased his ability to be both an attacking and a containing option for his captains.

List A Achievements: In List A cricket, Green has played 10 matches, scoring 91 runs with a top score of 24. As a bowler, he has taken 12 wickets in these games, with his best figures being 5/53. His bowling average in this format stands at 26.66.

First-Class Numbers: Green's first-class career might be limited, but it's noteworthy. In the 2 matches he has played, he has scored 70 runs with a top score of 38*. With the ball, he has taken 12 wickets, boasting an impressive average of 12.83. His best bowling figures in an innings in this format are 5/41.

T20 Captaincy Stint: One of the standout moments in Green's career was when he was named the captain of the Guyana Amazon Warriors side for a few games in the 2020 Caribbean Premier League. Leading a side in a premier T20 league is no small feat, and this responsibility showcased the trust and confidence the team management had in Green's leadership abilities.

Setbacks and Comebacks: A significant moment in Green's career was the challenge he faced in early 2020. He was banned from bowling due to a suspect action. However, showing immense resilience and dedication, Green worked on his action, underwent testing in Brisbane, and was cleared to bowl six months later. This episode not only speaks volumes about his commitment to the game but also his mental strength to overcome adversities.

Record-Breaking Deal: Another feather in Green's cap was when he signed a record-breaking six-year deal with the Sydney Thunder. Such long-term contracts are a rarity in modern-day cricket, especially in the T20 format. This deal was a testament to Green's consistent performances and his value to the team.

While Chris Green's international career is still unfolding, the achievements and statistics from his domestic career indicate a player of immense potential and talent. His ability to adapt, learn, and grow, combined with his skills on the field, make him a player to watch out for in the coming years. As he continues to evolve, fans and experts alike will be keenly observing his journey, hoping that he replicates his domestic success on the international stage.

Personal Style and Influence in the Game

Chris Green's personal style is a blend of traditional cricketing techniques and modern-day adaptability. His height, a significant advantage in the cricketing world, allows him to extract extra bounce as a bowler, often catching batsmen off-guard. As a right-arm off-break bowler, he brings to the table a skill set that's always in demand, especially in the shorter formats of the game.

One of the standout features of Green's bowling is his ability to bowl during the powerplay in T20 matches. This is a rare skill, as bowling with the field restrictions and against top-order batsmen looking to capitalise can be a daunting task. However, Green, with his calm and composed demeanour, has often been the go-to man for his captains in such situations.

His batting, though not as highlighted as his bowling, is effective, especially in the lower order. He has the ability to play quick cameos, providing the necessary impetus at the end of the innings. Moreover, his fielding is top-notch, making him a complete package in the T20 format.

Green's influence in the game, especially in T20 leagues worldwide, is evident. He's not just a player; he's a strategist. His understanding of the game, combined with his skills, makes him a valuable asset for any team. This was further solidified when he was given the captaincy reigns for the Guyana Amazon Warriors in the Caribbean Premier League, a testament to his leadership skills and cricketing brain.

While Chris Green is still in the prime of his career, the legacy he's building is evident. From his early days in South Africa to making a name for himself in Australia and then shining in T20 leagues worldwide, Green's journey is a testament to hard work, adaptability, and passion.

His impact on the game, especially in the T20 format, is significant. He's not just another player; he's a trendsetter, especially with his powerplay bowling. Youngsters looking to make a mark in the T20 format can learn a lot from Green's approach to the game.

Furthermore, his ability to bounce back from challenges, especially the bowling ban in 2020, showcases his mental strength. It's not just about the skills on the field; it's about the mindset off it, and Green is an epitome of that.

In years to come, Chris Green's legacy will not just be about the wickets he took or the runs he scored. It will be about the influence he had on the game, the trends he set, and the pathways he showcased for budding cricketers worldwide.

Where was Chris Green born?
Chris Green was born in Durban, Natal Province, South Africa.
Which teams has Chris Green played for in the T20 leagues?
Green has played for teams like Sydney Thunder, Lahore Qalandars, Guyana Amazon Warriors, Multan Sultans, and Kolkata Knight Riders, among others.
What is Chris Green's primary role in cricket?
Chris Green is an all-rounder, primarily known for his right-arm off-break bowling and right-handed batting.
Has Chris Green captained any T20 teams?
Yes, Chris Green was named the captain of the Guyana Amazon Warriors for a few games in the 2020 Caribbean Premier League.
Did Chris Green face any challenges in his bowling career?
In early 2020, Chris Green was banned from bowling due to a suspect action. He was cleared to bowl again six months later after undergoing testing.