Deepak Hooda

Deepak Hooda

Player Bio

Deepak Hooda, the talented cricket player from Rohtak, India, has captured the attention of fans with his exceptional skills as an allrounder. Known for his versatility and ability to adapt to different formats of the game, Hooda has made a name for himself in both domestic and international cricket.

Early Life and Background 

Deepak Hooda hails from a sporting background. His father, Jajbir Hooda, served in the Indian Air Force and was a former Kabaddi player. From an early age, it was evident that cricket ran through Deepak's veins.

Having started playing cricket at a young age, Deepak quickly showcased his talent and potential. He represented the Kendriya Vidyalaya U-17 cricket team in the SGFI tournament in 2009, where he impressed with his batting skills. Initially a wicket-keeper batsman, Deepak later transitioned into becoming a batting allrounder.

Rise to Prominence

Deepak Hooda's rise to prominence began with his performances in domestic cricket. His breakthrough came when he made his Indian Premier League (IPL) debut on April 10, 2015, playing for the Rajasthan Royals against the Punjab Kings. In only his second IPL match, he scored his maiden half-century and was rightfully named the man of the match.

The strong showing in the IPL earned him recognition and paved the way for further opportunities at the national level. He went on to represent India in Twenty20 International (T20I) matches against Sri Lanka in November 2017.

Hooda's career highlights include notable performances for Baroda in the Ranji Trophy. In the 2016-17 season, he captained the team and scored three consecutive centuries, including an unbeaten 293 against Punjab. These outstanding innings showcased his potential as a top-order batsman.

Although Hooda faced challenges in converting starts into big scores consistently, his talent remained undeniable. The ability to execute crucial shots at important junctures of a match became a trademark of his playing style.

Cricketing Career 

Deepak Hooda's cricketing career has been marked by impressive performances across various formats of the game. He has proven himself as a valuable asset to both domestic and international teams with his all-round abilities.

In ODIs, Hooda has played ten matches for India, scoring 153 runs at an average of 25.50. While he is yet to score a half-century in this format, his contributions lower down the order have been crucial in setting up competitive totals.

In T20Is, Hooda has represented India in twenty-one matches and showcased his power-hitting prowess. He has scored 368 runs at an average of 30.66 and a strike rate of 147.20. His highest score of 104 came against Ireland in June 2022 when he became the first Indian cricketer to score a century within their first three T20I innings.

Hooda's success extends beyond international cricket; his domestic performances have been equally noteworthy. In first-class cricket, he has played forty-eight matches and accumulated 3290 runs at an impressive average of 47.00. His highest score of an unbeaten 293* highlights his ability to occupy the crease and play long innings.

With eighty-four List A matches under his belt, Hooda has scored 2410 runs at an average of 37.07. Four centuries and twelve half-centuries attest to his ability to excel in the limited-overs format. Similarly, in T20 matches, he has showcased his power-hitting skills, amassing 3134 runs at a strike rate of 137.94.

Hooda's contribution as a bowler should not be overlooked either. While he may not be recognized as a frontline bowler, his useful off breaks have often provided vital breakthroughs for his team. In ODIs, he has taken three wickets in ten matches, while in T20Is, he has claimed six wickets in twenty-one matches.

Deepak Hooda's remarkable career has seen him adapt to different roles and contribute significantly to the teams he represents. His aggressive batting style and ability to perform well against spin bowling make him an exciting player to watch.

As India prepares for the upcoming ODI World Cup, Hooda's all-round abilities will undoubtedly be valuable assets for the team. With consistent performances and continued improvement, Deepak Jagbir Hooda is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of cricket.

Major Tournaments and Series

Deepak Hooda has had limited opportunities to represent India in major ICC tournaments. However, he has made significant contributions in domestic and franchise competitions. In the IPL, Hooda has showcased his skills and played crucial roles for various teams.

In the 2016 IPL season, while playing for the Sunrisers Hyderabad, Hooda impressed with his explosive batting and excellent fielding skills. His performance earned him the nickname "Hurricane Hooda." He continued to be a valuable asset for the team in subsequent seasons.

Hooda's ability to score quick runs and provide stability in the middle order was evident in the 2022 IPL season while playing for Lucknow Super Giants. He played some match-winning innings, displaying his power-hitting abilities.

Apart from the IPL, Hooda has also excelled in domestic tournaments. His performances for Baroda in the Ranji Trophy have been noteworthy. In the 2016-17 season, he scored three consecutive centuries as captain, including an unbeaten knock of 293 against Punjab. Although he struggled to convert starts into big scores consistently thereafter, his talent was undeniable.

Playing Role and Skills

Deepak Hooda is known for his versatility as an all-rounder who can contribute with both bat and ball. His primary role is that of a batting all-rounder who provides stability in the middle order and can accelerate when needed.

As a batsman, Hooda possesses excellent hand-eye coordination and immense power. He can clear boundaries effortlessly with his clean hitting ability. His fearless approach makes him a dangerous hitter in limited-overs cricket.

While batting, he can adapt his game according to different match situations. Whether it's building an innings or launching an assault on the bowlers, Hooda has shown he can adjust accordingly.

As a bowler, Hooda bowls off breaks and provides a handy option with the ball. Although he is not primarily known for his bowling, he has the ability to pick up crucial wickets and apply pressure on the opposition.

Hooda's fielding skills are also noteworthy. He is an agile and athletic fielder, often saving runs and taking spectacular catches in the outfield. His energy on the field adds value to any team he represents.

While Hooda possesses several strengths, there are areas where he can improve. Consistency with converting starts into big scores is one aspect he needs to work on as a batsman. Additionally, honing his bowling skills could make him a more effective all-round option.

Personality and Off-the-Field Persona

Deepak Hooda is known for his calm and composed demeanour both on and off the field. He exudes confidence in his abilities without being overbearing or arrogant.

Despite facing challenges in his career, Hooda has displayed resilience and determination to overcome obstacles. His positive attitude reflects in his performances and the way he carries himself.

Off the field, Hooda maintains a low profile but is well-respected by his teammates for his professionalism and commitment to the game. He leads by example through hard work and dedication.

Legacy and Impact

Deepak Hooda's impact on the game of cricket has been significant, particularly in the domestic circuit. While he may not have achieved extraordinary records or received major awards, his abilities as an all-rounder have made him a valuable asset to his teams.

Hooda's versatility as a player has influenced other cricketers, especially those aspiring to be all-rounders. His ability to contribute with both bat and ball in different formats of the game has set an example for young players looking to make their mark in multiple areas. He has showcased that it is possible to excel in various aspects of the game with determination and hard work.

Though Hooda's individual statistics may not be outstanding on the global stage, his performances at various levels have made him known for his potential. With consistent contributions in first-class cricket, List A matches, and T20 games, he has demonstrated his adaptability across different formats.

While Hooda's impact off the field may not be widely documented, his performances on it have caught the attention of fans and experts alike. By consistently delivering solid performances for his teams, he has become a reliable middle-order batsman and a useful spinner whose contributions do not go unnoticed.

Recognition and Awards

Deepak Hooda's career has seen him achieve notable milestones and recognition within domestic cricket circles. While he may not have received major awards or captained high-profile teams, his contributions have earned him respect within the cricketing fraternity.

Hooda's consistency with the bat and ball has led to him being acknowledged as one of Baroda's key players during his tenure with the team. His leadership qualities were evident when he captained Baroda during the 2016-17 Ranji Trophy season and scored three consecutive centuries, including an unbeaten 293 against Punjab.

Though accolades from national governing bodies may have eluded him so far, Hooda's performances have earned him the admiration of fans and fellow players. His ability to deliver under pressure and make crucial contributions in important matches has not gone unnoticed.

Deepak Hooda's cricketing journey is one characterised by versatility and consistent performances. As an all-rounder, he has displayed his ability to adapt to various formats of the game. From his memorable early years in the IPL with the Rajasthan Royals to his recent breakthrough season with Lucknow Super Giants, Hooda has consistently showcased his skills as both a batsman and a spinner.

While he may not have achieved international stardom yet, Hooda's domestic performances have made him a respected player within Indian cricket. His solid technique, power-hitting abilities, and disciplined off-spin bowling make him a valuable asset to any team he represents.

Looking forward, there is no doubt that Hooda has the potential to achieve greater heights in his career. With continued focus on refining his skills and making significant contributions for his teams, it is only a matter of time before he gets more opportunities at the international level.

In conclusion, Deepak Hooda's journey thus far has been marked by versatility and consistency. With his ability to contribute in multiple roles on the field and adaptability across formats, he has established himself as a dependable cricketer. As he continues to evolve as a player, it will be exciting to see how much impact he can make on the national stage.

When did Deepak Hooda make his IPL debut?
Deepak Hooda made his IPL debut on April 10, 2015.
What is Deepak Hooda's highest individual score in T20Is?
Deepak Hooda's highest individual score in T20Is is 104 runs.
Has Deepak Hooda received any major awards during his career?
No, Deepak Hooda has not received any major awards thus far.
How many wickets has Deepak Hooda taken in ODIs?
Deepak Hooda has taken three wickets in his ten ODI matches.
Has Deepak Hooda captained any teams during his career?
Yes, Deepak Hooda captained Baroda during the 2016-17 Ranji Trophy season.