Ishant Sharma

Ishant Sharma

Player Bio

With his towering height and intimidating presence on the field, Ishant Sharma has established himself as one of India's most formidable pacers. Known for his rhythm and accuracy, Sharma has been a key figure in the Indian cricket team for over a decade. Born on September 2, 1988, in Delhi, India, he started playing serious cricket at the age of 14. From there, he quickly rose through the ranks to make his mark on both domestic and international stages.

Early Life and Background

Hailing from Delhi, Ishant Sharma's journey towards cricketing greatness began at a young age. Growing up in a cricket-crazy nation like India, it was only natural for him to be drawn to the sport. Born into a middle-class family on September 2, 1988, in Delhi, Ishant developed a passion for cricket early on.

At the age of 14, Ishant started playing competitive cricket and soon caught the eye of selectors with his raw talent and skill. His early exposure to the game helped him develop crucial skills that would shape his future career as a fast bowler.

Making his debut for Delhi in the Ranji Trophy at just 18 years old, Ishant showcased his potential with impressive performances that demonstrated his ability to trouble even experienced batsmen. His tall build and high-arm action drew comparisons to former Indian pacer Javagal Srinath.

Rise to Prominence 

Ishant Sharma's rise to prominence can be attributed to both his domestic performances and early international success. After making waves in domestic cricket with standout performances for Delhi, he received his first call-up to represent India at the tender age of 18.

In May 2007, Ishant made his Test debut against Bangladesh, followed by his ODI debut against South Africa in June of the same year. However, it was his breakthrough performance against Pakistan in December 2007 that truly announced his arrival on the international stage. Taking 5/140 in that match, Ishant showcased his ability to trouble even the best batsmen.

The following year, Ishant had a successful tour of Australia and became a nightmare for Australian batsmen. He dismissed Ricky Ponting six times in seven Test matches, establishing himself as a formidable opponent. His performances earned him the coveted title of Man of the Series as India emerged victorious.

Ishant Sharma's career has been marked by several notable milestones and achievements. In February 2008, he bowled the fastest ball ever by an Indian, clocking at an impressive 152.6 km/h (94.8 mph). He became the highest wicket-taker in the CB series in 2008 and was named Man of the Series for taking 15 wickets in the Test series against Australia. These performances catapulted him into international cricketing stardom.

Cricketing Career 

Ishant Sharma's cricketing career has been built on resilience, dedication, and exceptional skill as a right-arm fast-medium bowler. With over a decade of international experience under his belt, he has proved to be an invaluable asset to the Indian cricket team.

Sharma's true prowess lies in Test cricket, where he has consistently delivered match-winning performances with his ability to extract bounce and movement off the pitch. Throughout his career, he has established himself as one of India's leading Test bowlers.

His most memorable performances include the Lord's Test against England in 2014 when he took 7/74 to lead India to victory. It was a masterclass display of swing bowling that left both fans and experts mesmerised.

In addition to his heroics against England, Ishant Sharma played a crucial role in India's Test series victory against Sri Lanka in 2015. His ability to exploit the conditions and consistently trouble the opposition batsmen was instrumental in India's success.

While his Test career has been exemplary, Sharma has faced challenges in the ODI format. He struggled to find consistency and match-winning performances, which led to his exclusion from the limited-overs squads on several occasions. However, he continued to excel in Test cricket, cementing his position as one of India's premier fast bowlers.

Off the field, Ishant Sharma is known for his dedication and commitment to the game. Former Australian bowler Glenn McGrath praised him for being a workhorse and acknowledged his improved adaptability to different conditions. Sharma's relentless work ethic has earned him respect from teammates and opponents alike.

Major Tournaments and Series

Ishant Sharma has had his fair share of memorable performances in major tournaments and series throughout his career. One of the standout moments came in the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy, where he played a crucial role in India's victory. Known for his ability to generate bounce and movement off the pitch, Sharma was a constant threat to opposing batsmen in English conditions. He picked up important wickets at crucial times, helping India lift the trophy.

Another memorable tournament for Sharma was the CB series in 2008. He was the highest wicket-taker of the series, showcasing his skills with both new and old balls. His ability to swing the ball both ways troubled batsmen from all teams, making him a formidable force on Australian soil.

Sharma's performances against Australia have often been exceptional. During India's tour Down Under in 2008, he made headlines by dismissing Ricky Ponting six times in just seven Test matches. This included one of his best Test performances when he took 7/74 at Lord's in 2014, leading India to a historic victory.

In addition to these standout moments, Sharma has consistently performed well in bilateral series against top cricketing nations like England, South Africa, and New Zealand. His ability to exploit challenging conditions and extract bounce from flat tracks has made him an integral part of India's bowling attack.

When it comes to T20 cricket, Sharma has also made significant contributions. In the Indian Premier League (IPL), he has represented various franchises including Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Capitals. Known for his accuracy and variations in pace, he has often been a reliable death overs bowler for his teams.

Playing Role and Skills 

Ishant Sharma is a right-arm fast-medium bowler known for his ability to generate bounce and movement off the pitch. Standing at an imposing height of 193cm, he uses his long limbs to extract extra bounce from even the flattest of tracks. Sharma's high-arm action allows him to hit the right areas consistently, making him a challenging prospect for batsmen.

His primary role in the team is as a strike bowler who can lead the attack with his pace and accuracy. Sharma has often been relied upon to provide early breakthroughs and trouble opposition batsmen with his ability to move the ball both ways. He combines swing bowling with seam movement, making him a complete package as a fast bowler.

While Sharma's primary skill lies in his bowling, he has also shown glimpses of his batting prowess on occasion. With a solid technique and defensive mindset, he has played some useful innings down the order when India needed crucial runs.

However, like any player, Sharma has had his fair share of weaknesses too. His occasional inconsistency with line and length can result in leaking runs, especially when he tries too hard for wickets. Additionally, injuries have plagued him throughout his career, leading to periods of absence from international cricket.

Despite these shortcomings, Sharma's tactical awareness and adaptability make him a valuable asset to any team. He possesses the experience and knowledge required to excel in different conditions around the world. Over time, he has learned to adjust his lengths and lines according to different formats of the game, showcasing versatility as a bowler.

Personality and Off-the-Field Persona 

Off the field, Ishant Sharma is known for his calm demeanour and dedication towards the game. He is often praised by teammates and coaches for being committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of cricket. Former Australian bowler Glenn McGrath described him as a workhorse who never shies away from putting in extra effort.

Sharma's leadership qualities have also been recognized, and he has had the opportunity to captain the Indian team in a few matches. His ability to lead by example and remain composed under pressure has earned him respect from his peers.

In terms of his personal life, Sharma is happily married to Indian basketball player Pratima Singh. They tied the knot in December 2016. The couple often shares glimpses of their personal life on social media, giving fans a peek into their happy relationship.

As for endorsements and sponsorships, Sharma has been associated with various brands throughout his career. While his main focus remains on cricket, he has collaborated with companies like Nike and Ceat Tyres, among others.

Sharma played his 100th Test match against England in February 2021, becoming only the fourth Indian bowler to achieve this milestone. This achievement speaks volumes about his longevity and consistency in international cricket.

With a towering presence on the field and a humble attitude off it, Ishant Sharma continues to be an integral part of India's bowling line-up. His dedication to the game and ability to adapt make him a valuable asset in all formats of cricket. As he continues to evolve as a player, fans can expect more memorable performances from this talented fast bowler.

Legacy and Impact 

Ishant Sharma's impact on the game of cricket is undeniable. Throughout his career, he has left an indelible mark on both his teammates and opponents alike. His unique playing style and exceptional skills have made him a force to be reckoned with in the world of fast bowling.

One of the most significant aspects of Ishant's legacy is his ability to inspire future cricketers. His dedication, work ethic, and never-give-up attitude have served as an example for aspiring bowlers around the world. Many young players look up to him for guidance on how to succeed in the challenging realm of fast bowling.

Ishant's performances have often been compared to those of legendary Indian pacer Javagal Srinath. Like Srinath, Ishant possesses a lean build and high-arm action, allowing him to generate extra bounce and pace off the pitch. This similarity has led many pundits and fans to draw parallels between the two players' careers.

In terms of records and achievements, Ishant has etched his name in cricketing history. He holds the record for taking the most wickets by an Indian bowler in England alongside Kapil Dev, with 43 wickets. Additionally, he became the fifth youngest player to take 100 Test wickets back in 2011. These milestones highlight his longevity and consistency at the highest level.

Furthermore, Ishant's presence in crucial matches and series cannot be overstated. He has often stepped up when it mattered most, delivering match-winning performances that have propelled India to victory on numerous occasions.

Recognition and Awards

Ishant Sharma's contributions to Indian cricket have not gone unnoticed, earning him recognition and accolades throughout his career.

In 2020, Ishant was honoured with the prestigious Arjuna Award by the Indian government for his outstanding achievements in cricket. This award is a testament to his skill, dedication, and commitment to the game.

Ishant's leadership abilities have also been acknowledged. He has captained the Delhi Capitals franchise in the Indian Premier League (IPL), showcasing his ability to lead by example and make crucial decisions on the field.

Moreover, Ishant has held honorary positions in major cricket organizations. His experience and expertise have made him an asset, with teams and management seeking his guidance and insights.

Ishant Sharma's career has been nothing short of remarkable. From his early days as a promising young talent to becoming one of India's most revered fast bowlers, he has left an indelible mark on the game of cricket.

Throughout his career, Ishant has displayed exceptional skill and versatility as a right-arm fast-medium bowler. His ability to generate pace and bounce off any surface has made him a formidable opponent for batsmen around the world.

Ishant's impact extends beyond his performances on the field. He is known for his dedication and commitment to the game, often going above and beyond to improve himself as a cricketer. Former Australian bowler Glenn McGrath hailed him as a workhorse, recognizing his improved adaptability to different conditions.

With numerous accolades under his belt, including being named Man of the Series during India's Test series against Australia in 2008, Ishant Sharma has proven time and again that he is one of India's greatest pacers.

Off the field, Ishant carries himself with utmost professionalism. He is respected by teammates and opponents alike for his sportsmanship and humility. His calm demeanour under pressure sets an example for aspiring cricketers worldwide.

As Ishant Sharma continues to make significant contributions to Indian cricket, it is clear that his legacy will endure for years to come. His impact on future generations of fast bowlers cannot be overstated, as he serves as an inspiration for aspiring cricketers to push their boundaries and strive for greatness.

In the words of Ishant himself, "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." This mindset has propelled him through numerous challenges and setbacks, solidifying his status as a true champion of the game.

How many wickets has Ishant Sharma taken in Test matches?
Ishant Sharma has taken 311 wickets in Test matches.

What is Ishant Sharma's best bowling figure in Test matches?
Ishant Sharma's best bowling figures in Test matches are 7/74 against England in 2014.

Which teams has Ishant Sharma represented in domestic cricket?
Ishant Sharma has represented Delhi, Kolkata Knight Riders, Deccan Chargers, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Rising Pune Supergiants, Kings XI Punjab, Sussex, and Delhi Capitals throughout his domestic career.
Has Ishant Sharma received any awards?
Yes, Ishant Sharma was awarded the Arjuna Award by the Indian government in 2020 for his outstanding achievements in cricket.

How many wickets has Ishant Sharma taken in ODIs?
Ishant Sharma has taken 115 wickets in ODIs.