Lahiru Thirimanne

Lahiru Thirimanne

Player Bio

Lahiru Thirimanne, a name that resonates with cricket enthusiasts, especially in Sri Lanka, is a top-order batter who has carved a niche for himself in international cricket. Thirimanne joined the Sri Lankan cricket squad in 2010; he was born in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, on August 9.

His journey from a young talent to a seasoned cricketer is a tale of dedication, skill, and resilience. This article aims to explore the various facets of Thirimanne's cricketing career, from his early days to his current status.

Early Life and Entry into Cricket

Thirimanne's early life was deeply rooted in Moratuwa, a city known for its cricketing culture. He attended Prince of Wales College, Moratuwa, where he honed his cricketing skills. His batting style is left-handed, and he also bowls right-arm medium-fast, showcasing his all-round abilities. His journey into professional cricket began with local clubs like Basnahira South and Ragama Cricket Club, where he displayed his prowess and caught the eyes of selectors.

The top of Sri Lankan cricket immediately saw Thirimanne's potential as an unflappable young star with a lethal cover drive.

Notably, cricket legend Aravinda de Silva was among his early champions. Thirimanne made his debut in early 2010, but it wasn't until 2012 that he found his footing in the international arena. After struggling as an opener, he found success in the middle order and became a mainstay of the Sri Lankan squad.

Thirimanne's forte has always been the longest form of the game. In his first full season for Ragama CC, he boasted a first-class average of almost 60, a remarkable feat that showcased his potential. However, his initial Tests as an opener didn't go as planned. It was his innings at no. 4, particularly a sparkling 91 on the first day in Sydney in 2013, that truly marked his arrival on the international stage. Just ten days later, he hit a maiden international hundred in an ODI, leading Sri Lanka to victory in Adelaide.

His early career was not just about numbers; it was about crucial partnerships that lifted Sri Lanka out of trouble. He struck particularly memorable partnerships with Angelo Mathews, acting as a contrasting ally for Sri Lanka's middle-order dashers in ODI cricket. These partnerships often came at critical junctures, pulling the team out of precarious situations and setting the stage for victories.

Lahiru Thirimanne's early life and entry into cricket were marked by a blend of innate talent and hard work. His journey from local clubs to the international stage was not straightforward, but his adaptability and skill made him a mainstay in the Sri Lankan cricket team. His early performances, especially in the longest form of the game, set the tone for what has been an illustrious career.

Rise in the International Arena

Lahiru Thirimanne's rise in international cricket is a story of perseverance and adaptability. While he made his debut in 2010, it was only after a couple of years that he truly found his groove. Initially positioned as an opener, Thirimanne was later moved to the middle order, a decision that proved to be a turning point in his career. The shift allowed him to play more freely and adapt his game according to the situation, a quality that is indispensable in modern cricket.

In Test cricket, Thirimanne's career took a significant turn during the 2013 New Year Test against Australia in Sydney. Arriving just 36 hours before the match, he scored a dazzling 91 on the first day, proving his mettle on foreign soil against a formidable bowling attack. This innings was a testament to his mental toughness and ability to adapt quickly to different conditions.

Thirimanne's ODI career also saw a significant upswing around the same time. Just ten days after his Sydney heroics, he scored his maiden international century against Australia in Adelaide. This innings not only solidified his place in the ODI squad but also showcased his ability to perform under pressure.

His rise was not limited to batting alone; Thirimanne also contributed as a right-arm medium-fast bowler, making him a valuable asset for the Sri Lankan team. His all-round abilities provided the team with more options, both in terms of batting line-up and bowling rotations.

Notable Performances and Achievements

Thirimanne's career is studded with performances that have not only won matches for Sri Lanka but have also won him numerous accolades. In Test cricket, he has scored over 2,000 runs, including three centuries and ten half-centuries. His highest score in Tests is an impressive 155 not out, showcasing his ability to play long innings. With a batting average of 26.43 in Tests, he has been a reliable middle-order batsman for Sri Lanka.

In ODIs, Thirimanne has been even more prolific. He has scored over 3,000 runs with an average of 34.71, including four centuries and 21 half-centuries. His highest score in ODIs is a remarkable 139 not out. Moreover, his strike rate of 72.27 in ODIs indicates his ability to keep the scoreboard ticking while holding the innings together.

One of Thirimanne's most memorable partnerships came with Angelo Mathews, another stalwart of Sri Lankan cricket. Together, they have pulled Sri Lanka out of many tricky situations, especially in ODI cricket. These partnerships have not only been high-scoring but have also come at crucial times, often changing the course of the match.

Thirimanne has also had his moments in T20 Internationals, although they have been fewer compared to Tests and ODIs. He has played 26 T20Is, scoring at a strike rate of 108.98, which shows his ability to adapt to the fast-paced nature of the format.

His achievements are not limited to individual performances. In 2014, Thirimanne helped Sri Lanka win the Twenty20 World Cup, the sport's highest honour.

His contributions in the tournament were vital in ensuring Sri Lanka's success.

In terms of accolades, Thirimanne has received several awards for his performances, both at the domestic and international levels. His consistency and ability to perform in different conditions have made him one of the most reliable batsmen in the Sri Lankan line-up.

Lahiru Thirimanne's rise in the international arena has been a blend of talent, adaptability, and consistent performances. His notable achievements and performances across all formats make him one of the most versatile and reliable cricketers in the Sri Lankan squad. From his early days in Moratuwa to representing Sri Lanka on the global stage, Thirimanne's journey has been nothing short of inspirational.

Challenges and Comebacks

Lahiru Thirimanne's journey in international cricket has not been without its share of challenges. Like many cricketers, he has faced periods of poor form, injuries, and even exclusion from the national team. However, what sets him apart is his ability to make comebacks, stronger and more focused than before.

One of the most significant challenges in Thirimanne's career was his struggle with form during the 2015-2016 period. Despite a promising start to his career, he found himself grappling with inconsistency, which led to his exclusion from the national team. This period was a test of his mental fortitude as much as his cricketing skills. However, instead of letting the setbacks deter him, Thirimanne took them as learning experiences. He returned to domestic cricket, worked on his technique, and regained his form.

Another challenge was adapting to different formats of the game. While he had shown promise in Tests and ODIs, Thirimanne initially struggled to make an impact in T20Is. However, he worked on his game, particularly focusing on improving his strike rate and ability to find gaps. His efforts paid off when he was selected for the T20 World Cup in 2014, where he played a crucial role in Sri Lanka's triumph.

Current Status and Legacy

Lahiru Thirimanne has announced his retirement from international cricket, leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered for years to come. Over his 13-year international career, Thirimanne has been a stalwart for Sri Lanka in all formats of the game. His versatility as a top-order batsman and a handy bowler has made him one of the most valuable players for Sri Lanka.

Thirimanne's legacy is not just about the runs he scored or the matches he won; it's also about the impact he had on the game in Sri Lanka. He has been an inspiration for young cricketers, showing that with hard work and dedication, one can overcome challenges and succeed at the highest level. His career serves as a testament to the depth of cricketing talent in Sri Lanka and sets a benchmark for future generations.

While he may have hung up his boots, Thirimanne's influence on the game is far from over. Whether it's through coaching, commentary, or mentoring the next generation of Sri Lankan cricketers, his contributions to cricket are likely to continue in various forms.

When did Lahiru Thirimanne make his international debut?
Thirimanne made his international debut in 2010.
What is Lahiru Thirimanne's highest score in Test cricket?
His highest score in Test cricket is 155 not out.
Was Lahiru Thirimanne part of any World Cup-winning team?
Yes, he was part of the Sri Lankan team that won the T20 World Cup in 2014.
What is Thirimanne's batting style?
He is a left-handed batsman and also bowls right-arm medium-fast.
Has Lahiru Thirimanne retired from international cricket?
Yes, he has announced his retirement from international cricket.