Mohit Sharma

Mohit Sharma

Player Bio

Mohit Mahipal Sharma, born on September 18, 1988, is a professional cricketer from India. With a right-handed batting style and a right-arm medium bowling technique, he has made his mark in both domestic and international cricket. At the age of 34, Mohit has represented various teams throughout his career, including India, the Chennai Super Kings, the Delhi Capitals, the Gujarat Titans, Haryana, the Punjab Kings, and more.

Early Life and Background

Born in Ballabhgarh, Haryana, Mohit Sharma was introduced to cricket at a young age. Growing up in a cricket-loving family, he developed a passion for the sport from an early stage.

During his childhood days in Ballabhgarh, Mohit trained rigorously to hone his skills. He faced numerous challenges along the way but remained determined and focused on achieving his dreams. Through hard work and perseverance, he caught the attention of selectors with impressive performances in local tournaments.

Rise to Prominence

Mohit Sharma rose to prominence during Haryana's successful Ranji Trophy season in 2011-12. His consistent performances with the ball led him to emerge as one of the top fast bowlers in the country during the following season. Despite being relatively unknown at that time, he caught the eye of MS Dhoni during the 2013 IPL.

Impressed by Mohit's skill set and accuracy as a bowler, Dhoni consistently selected him for Chennai Super Kings XI during their campaign in the IPL. Standing at about 5'11", Mohit showcased a smooth delivery stride and an ability to consistently bowl at around 135 kph. His accuracy and ability to maintain a tight line and length made him a formidable bowler, especially in the Powerplay overs.

Mohit's consistent performances in domestic cricket earned him a place in the Indian team for their tour of Zimbabwe in July 2013. He had a memorable ODI debut, earning the Man-of-the-Match award for his impactful performance. Since then, Mohit has played 26 ODIs and 8 T20Is for India, making valuable contributions with both bat and ball.

Cricketing Career

Throughout his career, Mohit Sharma has showcased his skills as a disciplined bowler with an excellent understanding of his role in the team. In ODIs, he has taken 31 wickets in 26 matches at an average of 32.90. His best bowling figures of 4/22 highlight his ability to make crucial breakthroughs for his team.

In T20Is, Mohit has displayed his versatility by taking 6 wickets in just 8 matches at an average of 30.83. His best bowling figures of 2/28 demonstrate his effectiveness in containing runs during the shorter format of the game.

Beyond international cricket, Mohit has been a consistent performer in domestic leagues such as the IPL. He has represented various teams including Chennai Super Kings, Kings XI Punjab, Delhi Capitals, and Gujarat Titans. In the IPL's 2023 season, Mohit made a major comeback by taking an impressive tally of 27 wickets.

Major Tournaments and Series

Mohit Sharma's journey as an international cricketer has seen him participate in some major tournaments and series, showcasing his skills on the big stage. While he may not have been a regular fixture in these competitions, he has made notable contributions when given the opportunity.

In terms of ICC tournaments, Mohit Sharma had the privilege of representing India in the 2015 Cricket World Cup. Although he didn't play a significant role throughout the tournament, he was part of the squad that reached the semifinals. As a right-arm medium pacer, Mohit's accuracy and ability to bowl tight lines made him a valuable asset in limited-overs cricket.

At the domestic level, Mohit has been a consistent performer in the Indian Premier League (IPL). He began his IPL journey with Chennai Super Kings, where he caught the attention of former Indian captain MS Dhoni. Dhoni recognized Mohit's potential and entrusted him with crucial responsibilities, often giving him a new ball.

Playing Role and Skills

Mohit Sharma is primarily known for his skills as a right-arm medium pacer. Standing at about 5'11", he possesses a smooth delivery stride that allows him to generate a decent pace consistently around 135 kph. Mohit's accuracy and ability to bowl a tight line and length make him a valuable asset, especially in the Powerplay overs.

As a bowler, Mohit Sharma's main strengths lie in his ability to hit the right areas consistently. His disciplined bowling often forces batsmen to make mistakes, leading to wickets. While he may not possess extreme pace or swing, his accuracy allows him to create pressure on opposition batsmen and restrict scoring opportunities.

Personality and Off-the-Field Persona

Mohit Sharma's off-the-field persona mirrors his composed nature on the cricket field. He maintains a low-profile presence in the media and does not seek unnecessary attention or controversy. As a result, he has cultivated a positive public image based on his professional approach towards the game.

While there may not be significant information available regarding Mohit's interests and hobbies, it is clear that cricket takes precedence in his life. He dedicates himself to honing his skills as a cricketer and focuses on contributing to the success of his team whenever given an opportunity.

Legacy and Impact

Mohit Sharma's impact on the game of cricket is notable, particularly in the realm of fast bowling. Though he may not have achieved indelible records or extraordinary feats, his consistent performances and accuracy with the ball have left a lasting impression.

Sharma's ability to bowl in the Powerplay overs, consistently hitting a tight line and length, made him one of the best opening bowlers in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Recognition and Awards

Throughout his career, Mohit Sharma has garnered recognition for his performances on the cricket field. While he has not received any major individual awards or accolades at the international level, his contributions have been acknowledged by teammates, opponents, and fans alike.

In 2013, during his debut ODI against Zimbabwe, Sharma was awarded the Man-of-the-Match for his economical spell of 2/26 in 10 overs. This achievement placed him alongside Sandeep Patil as one of only two Indians to earn this distinction on their ODI debut.

Sharma's consistency led to him being selected for various squads at domestic levels as well as representing India A and India Blue. His performances were highly regarded and contributed to his team's success in various tournaments.

Mohit Sharma, a right-arm medium-fast bowler from India, has left an impression on cricket with his consistent performances and accuracy. Sharma rose to prominence during Haryana's successful Ranji Trophy season in 2011-2012.

Sharma possesses a smooth delivery stride and can consistently bowl around 135 kph. Known for his ability to bowl in the channel around off stump, he has excelled as a Power Play bowler in the IPL. His accuracy and control have made him a valuable asset for teams looking to start strong with the ball.

What are Mohit Sharma's stats in ODIs?
In ODIs, Mohit played 26 matches and picked 31 wickets with an economy rate of 5.45.
What is Mohit Sharma's best bowling performance in ODI cricket?
Mohit Sharma's best bowling figures in ODIs are 4/22 against Zimbabwe on August 3, 2013.
Which teams has Mohit Sharma played for?
Mohit Sharma has played for India, Haryana, Delhi, India A, Chennai Super Kings, North Zone, Indians, Punjab Kings, India Blue, Delhi Capitals, and Gujarat Titans.
What is Mohit Sharma's bowling style?
Mohit Sharma's bowling style is right-arm fast-medium.
How many wickets did Mohit Sharma take in the 2023 IPL season?
Mohit Sharma took 27 wickets in the 2023 IPL season, which tied him for the second-highest wickets taken in the season.