Ravi Shastri

Ravi Shastri

Player Bio

The former head coach of the Indian cricket team and former captain, Ravishankar Jayadritha Shastri, was born on May 27, 1962. Between 1981 and 1992, he represented the Indian national cricket team as a player in both Test matches and One-Day Internationals. He started playing as a left-arm spinner. Later, he became an all-rounder. Shastri was a member of the 1983 Cricket World Cup-winning Indian team.

Life and Background of Ravi Shastri 

Ravishankar Jayadhritha Shastri was born in Bombay and belongs to a Hindu family. His zodiac sign is Gemini, and he is 6'3” in height. From a young age, Ravi Shastri started doing right-handed batting and slow left-arm bowling. Ravi played on the school squad while attending Don Bosco High School, and his batting prowess helped the team win the game for the entire school. 

Shastri developed his talent under the guidance of BD Desai, a former union player for Tatas and Dadar. Later, he changed colleges to obtain a business degree at R.A. Podar College, where he had additional opportunities to hone his skills. Shastri has received invaluable coaching from VS Patil and Vasant Amladi in his early years using the bat and stumps.

Ravi Shastri made his Indian cricket team debut in 1981. From that time on, he started representing India in cricket, and he also participated in the 1983 World Cup. After he stopped playing cricket, he started working as a cricket pundit. He has coached various teams and is renowned for his tactical prowess and capacity to inspire young athletes. 

Ravi Shastri: The Champion Who Led India to Victory

Shastri joined the Bombay Ranji Team when he was 17 years old. In 1979, he played in the finals of the Ranji Trophy and took six wickets for 61 runs. After his first innings in the match, Ravi Shastri came into the spotlight and became the crowd’s favorite. He was selected as a player for the national squad for the New Zealand tour of India. The authorities opted to add Ravi to the national team for the New Zealand tour following the unpredictable injury of top spinner Dilip Doshi. 

After two years of putting in a lot of effort, the left-arm spinner was promoted to the team's opening hitter. After the 1983 World Cup victory, the cricket-loving mob started to view him as the team's most important player. When the squad struggled mightily on the field, he not only offered the team strong support but also stood bravely against all the odds of the game. Shastri was presented with an Audi 100 when collecting the prestigious award of "Man of the Series" during the 1985 cricket world championship. The entire cricketing globe witnessed the event with awe.

Ravi Shastri’s Career as a Commentator 

Shastri opened a new door to enter a new professional stream as an immaculate commentator with his knowledge of the English language. Commencing his commentary career in 1995 with the World Masters Tournament, Shastri effortlessly adapted to the commentary booth, leaving no impression of being a newcomer. With his hawk-eye perspective on every single individual movement on the field, Shastri quickly rose to the top of the TV commentator and cricket analyst ranks. He has been able to describe legendary catches, mind-blowing sixes, and bowling blazes with his magical voice and pitch experiences.

Career as a Coach

Shastri was involved in the sport, serving as one of the officials, and temporarily wore the coach's hat for Team India during their 2007 tour of Bangladesh. The Cricket Advisory Committee appointed Shastri as the Indian Cricket Team's head coach in July 2017 after the resignation of Anil Kumble from the position. Shastri is guiding the team to new heights of success.

Recognition and Achievements 

He was awarded the Arjuna Award in 1984 for his meritorious work in cricket. In one of his Ranji matches in 1985, he hit six sixes in one over. In 2004, he was honored with the Best Anchor Commentator award at the Indian Television Awards (ITA). Among the players who received an Audi 100 as the Player of the Series prize at the 1985 Cricket World Championship, Ravi has helped the squad achieve victories in international matches as well as the top spot in the test rankings as the head coach of the Indian Cricket Squad. 

International Career of Ravi Shastri 

In his career, Ravi Shastri played 150 One-Day Internationals and 80 Test matches for India. He was a capable middle-order batsman who, when needed, could put up runs rapidly. He was renowned for his capacity to rotate the strike and maintain a steady score. Shastri was renowned for his athleticism and dexterity on the field, and he was also a superb fielder. He was a capable middle-over wicket-taker who was a useful slow left-arm orthodox bowler. He was renowned for his precision and capacity for tying down the batsman.

Domestic Career of Ravi Shastri 

In 1981, Ravi Shastri made his debut in domestic cricket for Mumbai. He has played domestic cricket for more than a decade. Because of his all-around skills and achievements in domestic cricket, Shastri was selected for the Indian cricket team. In the Ranji Trophy, Shastri represented Mumbai and was a key contributor to the team's triumph. For Mumbai, he participated in 118 first-class games, scoring 6,615 runs at an average of 51.74. He also used his left-arm spin to take 214 wickets at a 27.66 average.

Shastri continued to play domestic cricket after his international career was over, and in 2017, he was chosen to lead the Indian cricket team. He is well renowned for his analytical commentary and expert analysis and has also worked as a commentator and pundit for several cricket competitions.

Records made by Ravi Shastri 

Ravi Shastri holds a number of international cricket records. Shastri was 20 years old when he became the 10th-youngest player to get five wickets in a match. He shares the tenth-highest seventh-wicket partnership in Test cricket with Syed Kirmani. The two scored 198 runs together against England at Lord's in 1982. Shastri also holds the record for the 10th-highest number of stumped wickets in international cricket, with 22 dismissals. Because of his range of abilities, he was a vital part of the Indian cricket team. He made a vital contribution to many victories for India.

Net Worth

The anticipated value of Ravi Shastri's net worth is $8 million. Through his prosperous career as a cricket player, coach, and pundit, he has amassed this wealth. Shastri is well known for living an opulent lifestyle and owning a number of properties both in India and overseas. Shastri is well-recognized for his humanitarian activities and has supported numerous causes throughout the years.

The impact of Ravi Shastri on Indian cricket is enormous. He has contributed to the game both as a player and a coach. Shastri became a true sports hero thanks to his all-around versatility and never-give-up mentality. The endorsements and sponsorships he received as a result of his success in the sport of cricket helped to increase his wealth. Shastri is well recognized for his humanitarian activity and has supported numerous causes throughout the years, despite his riches.

What is the highest test score made by Ravi Shastri?
The best test score recorded by Ravi Shastri is 206, which he achieved against Australia in Sydney in 1992. At the Sydney Cricket Ground, an Indian cricketer hadn't ever amassed a double century.
What is the maximum number of centuries scored by Ravi Shastri?
In his career, Ravi Shastri amassed 11 Test hundreds, with a 206 as his best mark. In Test cricket, he added 27 half-centuries to his total. In one-day internationals, Shastri's highest score was 109 not out, which he achieved against England in 1990. In his career, he scored 33 half-centuries and six ODI centuries.
When did Ravi Shastri make his international debut in the field of cricket?
Ravi Shastri made his international debut in 1981 for India. He played a Test match in Wellington against New Zealand. His age at the time was 19. By hitting 53 runs in the second innings and capturing three wickets overall, Shastri had an immediate impact on the game. He later competed for India in 150 One-Day Internationals (ODI) and 80 Test matches.
Is Ravi Shastri known for his batting or bowling skills?
Cricketer, analyst, and coach Ravi Shastri has represented India in international competitions. He was a slow, left-arm orthodox bowler as well as a left-handed batter. When needed, Shastri was a reliable middle-order batsman who could score runs quickly. He was also a capable middle-overs bowler.
Is Ravi Shastri a right-handed batsman or a left-handed batsman? 
Ravi Shastri is a left-handed batsman and a slow left-arm bowler.