Roger Binny

Roger Binny

Player Bio

Roger Binny, is a name that resonates with cricket fans around the world. His contributions to the Indian national cricket team have left an indelible mark on the sport. From his impressive bowling skills to his aggressive batting style, Binny's versatility as an all-rounder has made him a force to be reckoned with.

Early Life and Background

Born on July 19, 1955, in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Roger Michael Humphrey Binny hails from an Anglo-Indian family of Scottish origin. Growing up in a cricket-loving household, it was no surprise that young Roger developed a passion for the game at an early age.

Binny's childhood was filled with countless hours spent honing his skills on dusty street corners and makeshift pitches. His dedication and hard work paid off when he caught the eye of local selectors and earned a spot on junior-level teams.

Despite facing initial struggles due to financial constraints and limited resources, Binny's talent shone through. His breakthrough came when he represented Karnataka in domestic cricket. His consistent performances with both bat and ball earned him recognition and paved the way for his selection for the national team.

Rise to Prominence

Binny's rise to prominence began with his stellar performances in domestic cricket for Karnataka. His ability to swing the ball both ways and score crucial runs caught the attention of selectors, leading to his inclusion in the Indian national squad.

His international career took off with a bang as he made his Test debut against Pakistan on November 21, 1979, at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium. Binny wasted no time in making an impact, showcasing his skill as a versatile all-rounder.

As his career progressed, Binny became known for his ability to swing the new ball, confounding batsmen with his impeccable line and length. He played a pivotal role in guiding India to victory in the 1983 Cricket World Cup, where he emerged as the highest wicket-taker with 18 wickets.

Binny's success extended beyond the World Cup, with notable performances in other tournaments such as the 1985 World Championship of Cricket, where he once again stood out as the highest wicket-taker. His ability to consistently contribute with both bat and ball earned him a reputation as a valuable asset to the team.

Cricketing Career

Binny's cricket career was marked by memorable moments and outstanding achievements. In Test cricket, he played 27 matches, scoring 830 runs at an average of 23.05 and taking 47 wickets at an average of 32.63. His best bowling figures in an innings were 6/56, while his best match figures were 8/101.

In One Day Internationals (ODIs), Binny represented India in 72 matches, amassing 629 runs at an average of 16.12 and claiming 77 wickets at an average of 29.35. His best bowling figures in ODIs were 4/29.

Binny's contributions went beyond statistics; his impact on crucial matches cannot be understated. Whether it was his destructive batting or his ability to provide breakthroughs with the ball, Binny consistently rose to the occasion when his team needed him most.

Major Tournaments and Series

Roger Binny, the legendary Indian cricketer, showcased his immense talent and versatility in major tournaments and series throughout his career. His performances in ICC tournaments, such as the World Cup, Champions Trophy, and World T20, were particularly noteworthy.

In the 1983 Cricket World Cup, Binny played a crucial role in India's historic triumph. As an all-rounder, he contributed significantly with both bat and ball. However, it was his exceptional bowling that stood out the most. Binny finished as the highest wicket-taker of the tournament with 18 wickets to his name. His ability to swing the ball both ways troubled batsmen from opposing teams consistently.

Binny's performance in the 1985 World Championship of Cricket further solidified his reputation as a skilled cricketer. Once again, he topped the bowling charts with 17 wickets. His accuracy and ability to generate movement made him a formidable opponent for any batsman.

Apart from ICC tournaments, Binny also excelled in other major competitions against significant opponents. He showed great consistency in bilateral series against top cricketing nations like Australia and Pakistan. His knack for picking up crucial wickets at important junctures often turned matches in India's favour.

Though the IPL did not exist during his playing days, Binny went on to become a mentor for various teams and share his vast knowledge and experience with younger players. His understanding of different playing conditions and situational awareness made him an invaluable asset for any team.

One cannot forget some of Binny's most notable moments or match-winning performances in these tournaments or series. From delivering timely breakthroughs with the ball to playing crucial innings under pressure with the bat, he always stepped up when it mattered the most. His ability to perform in high-stakes situations made him a fan favourite.

Playing Role and Skills 

Roger Binny, an exceptional all-rounder, played a vital role in the Indian cricket team during his career. He possessed the rare ability to contribute with both bat and ball, making him a valuable asset to any team he represented.

Binny's primary role was that of an aggressive batsman and skilled swing bowler. As a batsman, he had a unique technique and was known for his attacking approach against opposition bowlers. His ability to read the game situation and adapt his playing style accordingly made him a force to be reckoned with.

However, it was Binny's bowling skills that truly set him apart. He had the capability to swing the new ball both ways, making life difficult for even the best batsmen in the world. His accurate line and length, combined with his natural swing, ensured consistent breakthroughs for India.

Binny's tactical awareness on the field was commendable. He had a keen understanding of match situations and could adjust his game plan accordingly. Whether it was setting attacking fields or bowling-specific lines to exploit the weaknesses of opposition batsmen, he always seemed one step ahead of his opponents.

In terms of strengths, Binny's ability to swing the ball early in innings gave India crucial breakthroughs at pivotal moments. His disciplined line and length made him difficult to score against, forcing batsmen into making mistakes. Additionally, his aggressive batting style often put pressure on opposition bowlers and helped change the momentum of matches.

Like any cricketer, Binny also had areas where he could improve. While he excelled in swinging conditions, he faced challenges when conditions were not conducive for swing bowling. However, despite this limitation, his overall contribution as an all-rounder remained significant throughout his career.

Personality and Off-the-Field Persona 

Roger Binny's media presence, public image, and off-the-field persona have always been commendable. He is known for his calm and composed demeanour on and off the field. His leadership qualities were evident during his captaincy stints, where he led by example and instilled confidence in his teammates.

Binny's personal interests outside of cricket include spending time with family, indulging in outdoor activities, and staying fit. Despite being a private person, he has always been accessible to the media and fans whenever required.

As a mentor and coach post-retirement, Binny continues to contribute to the development of young cricketers. His experience and expertise make him a sought-after figure in the cricket fraternity. He has also represented various brands as their brand ambassador, reflecting his popularity among fans.

In recent years, news about Binny has mainly revolved around his contributions as a selector and administrator in Indian cricket. His dedication to the sport extends beyond his playing days, as he continues to work behind the scenes to improve the overall structure of Indian cricket.

Roger Binny's professionalism, humility, and passion for the game have won him respect from teammates, opponents, and fans alike. His achievements on the field, combined with his exemplary conduct off it, make him an inspiration for aspiring cricketers across generations.

Legacy and Impact 

Roger Binny's impact on the game of cricket cannot be overstated. As an all-rounder, he displayed great versatility and skill, leaving a lasting legacy in the sport. His ability to swing the ball both ways, coupled with his aggressive batting style, made him a formidable opponent for any team.

Binny's greatest achievements came during the 1983 Cricket World Cup, where he played a pivotal role in India's historic victory. Binny continued to shine in international cricket and was also an integral part of the Indian squad that won the World Championship of Cricket in 1985. His consistent performances with both bat and ball solidified his reputation as one of India's finest all-rounders.

Binny's impact stretched beyond his playing career. He went on to serve as a coach for various teams, including being at the helm of the Indian U-19 team that won the 2000 Under-19 Cricket World Cup. He also served as a national selector and held administrative roles with cricket associations.

His influence can be seen in many current cricketers who have followed in his footsteps. Players like Stuart Binny, Roger Binny's son, have emulated their father's dedication to the sport and carried forward his legacy.

Recognition and Awards

Roger Binny's contributions to cricket were duly recognised through numerous awards and accolades throughout his career. In addition to being part of two major tournament-winning squads, he received individual recognition for his performances on the field.

Binny was honoured with the prestigious Arjuna Award by the Government of India in 1985. This award is given to recognise outstanding achievements in sports and has been bestowed upon many of India's most revered athletes.

In addition to the Arjuna Award, Binny was also recognised for his contributions to Karnataka cricket. He was awarded the Karnataka State Cricket Association's (KSCA) "Best All-Rounder" award multiple times, highlighting his prowess with both bat and ball.

Binny's leadership abilities were also acknowledged when he was appointed as the coach of the Bengal cricket team. His experience and tactical acumen proved invaluable while guiding the team towards success.

His tenure as a coach extended beyond domestic cricket, as he served as the head coach of the Indian U-19 team that won the 2000 Under-19 Cricket World Cup. This achievement showcased his ability to nurture young talent and proved his worth as a mentor.

Roger Binny's career is a testament to his exceptional skills as an all-rounder and his immense contribution to Indian cricket. From swinging the new ball both ways to playing aggressive innings with the bat, Binny left an indelible mark on the sport.

His performances during the 1983 Cricket World Cup will forever be etched in cricketing history. As the highest wicket-taker of the tournament, he played a crucial role in guiding India to their first-ever World Cup victory. His ability to swing the ball troubled even the best batsmen, making him a formidable opponent on any pitch.

Binny's impact extended beyond his playing days. He transitioned into coaching roles where he showcased his ability to develop young talent and impart his knowledge of the game. His successful stint with various teams demonstrated his adeptness at strategizing and fostering team spirit.

In conclusion, Roger Binny will always be remembered as one of India's greatest all-rounders. His exceptional performances on the field, his coaching and administrative roles, and his impact on future cricketers have solidified his place in cricketing history. As the highest wicket-taker of the 1983 Cricket World Cup and a key member of the victorious Indian team, Binny's legacy will forever shine brightly.

What is Roger Binny doing now?
After retiring from playing cricket, Roger Binny has been involved in coaching and administration. He has served as a national selector and coached various teams, including the Bengal cricket team. Currently, he is serving as the president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).
Did Roger Binny captain any teams during his career?
While Roger Binny did not captain the Indian national team or any international side, he showcased leadership skills during his tenure as a coach. He guided the Bengal cricket team to success during his coaching stint.
How many wickets did Roger Binny take in international cricket?
Roger Binny took 47 wickets in Test matches and 77 wickets in One Day Internationals (ODIs) throughout his international career.
Was Roger Binny known for scoring centuries?
While Roger Binny was primarily known for his bowling abilities, he did not score any centuries in international cricket. However, he played valuable innings with the bat and contributed significantly to the team's cause on multiple occasions.
What was Roger Binny's highest score in Test matches?
Roger Binny's highest score in Test matches was 83 runs. This came against Pakistan on March 13, 1987, at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium.