Veda Krishnamurthy

Veda Krishnamurthy

Player Bio

Born on 16th October 1992 in Kaduru, Karnataka, Veda Krishnamurthy is a name that resonates with passion, dedication, and an undying love for cricket. Standing tall at 5 feet 6 inches, she has carved a niche for herself in the world of women's cricket, not just in India but globally. With a right-handed batting style and a knack for right-arm leg breaks, Veda has showcased her prowess in various formats of the game. Her journey, filled with ups and downs, is a testament to her resilience and commitment to the sport.

Early Life and Entry into Cricket

The youngest of four siblings, Veda's tryst with cricket began quite early. As a toddler of just three, she was seen playing street cricket, a common sight in many Indian localities. But what set her apart was her unmistakable passion and a natural flair for the game. While many children her age were busy with toys and games, Veda was honing her cricketing skills on the streets of Kaduru.

Interestingly, her physical strength, which later played a pivotal role in her cricketing career, can be attributed to her early training in karate. Despite her initial aversion to the martial art, she pursued it and even earned a black belt by the age of 12. This discipline and strength would later serve her well on the cricket pitch.

Tragedy struck Veda's life when she lost her mother, Cheluvamba Devi, and elder sister, Vatsala Shivakumar, to the devastating COVID-19 pandemic in 2021. Such personal losses could have derailed any budding sportsperson's career, but Veda's indomitable spirit saw her through these challenging times.

Her formal introduction to structured cricket training began in 2005 at the Karnataka Institute of Cricket when she was just 13. Recognising her prodigious talent, the institute's director, Irfan Sait, advised Veda's father to relocate to Bengaluru. This move was aimed at providing Veda with better training facilities and exposure. Heeding this advice, her father, a cable operator from a small town in Karnataka, shifted to Bengaluru. This relocation was a significant step towards realising Veda's dream of representing her country in cricket.

At the Karnataka Institute of Cricket, Veda was under the tutelage of Irfan Sait, who introduced her to the basics of the game. Other coaches, including Apurva Sharma and Suman Sharma, also played instrumental roles in shaping her early cricketing career. As a young girl, Veda looked up to Mithali Raj, the stalwart of Indian women's cricket. Little did she know that she would soon share the dressing room with her idol, representing India in both domestic and international matches.

Veda's dedication and hard work bore fruit when she made her international debut at the tender age of 18. On 30th June 2011, she played her first One Day International against England Women at Derby. Not one to be bogged down by the pressures of a debut match, Veda showcased her mettle by scoring a commendable 51 runs. This performance was just the beginning of a series of remarkable achievements that would solidify her position in the Indian women's cricket team.

Rise in the Domestic Circuit

Veda Krishnamurthy's ascent in the domestic cricket circuit was nothing short of meteoric. Beginning her journey with the Karnataka Women's team in 2009, she quickly made a mark with her consistent performances. Her prowess with the bat and agility on the field made her a standout player, and she soon became a crucial asset for her team.

In the domestic arena, Veda's leadership qualities came to the fore when she was chosen to captain the KSCA President's XI in the Karnataka State Cricket Association's inaugural Twenty20 exhibition match. Under her captaincy, the team showcased a spirited performance, further cementing her reputation as a promising young talent.

Her consistent performances for Karnataka Women caught the attention of the selectors, and she was soon drafted into the Railways Women's team in 2015. Playing alongside seasoned players and under the guidance of experienced coaches, Veda honed her skills further. Her stint with the Railways team was instrumental in shaping her as a mature cricketer, ready to take on the challenges of international cricket.

International Debut and Performance

Veda's international debut came at a time when the Indian women's cricket team was undergoing a transformation. New talents were being scouted, and the team was gearing up for bigger challenges on the global stage. On 30th June 2011, Veda donned the Indian jersey for the first time in an ODI against England Women at Derby. She rose to the occasion, scoring a commendable 51 runs, announcing her arrival on the international scene.

Her T20 debut followed shortly after, in a match against Australia during the Natwest T20 Quadrangular series in Billericay. Throughout the series, Veda showcased her versatility, adapting to the fast-paced nature of T20 cricket with ease.

Over the years, Veda became a mainstay in the Indian women's cricket team. Her ability to anchor the innings and accelerate when required made her a valuable player in both ODIs and T20s. Whether it was stabilising the middle order or providing the finishing touches in a tight chase, Veda's contributions were pivotal in many of India's memorable victories.

Notable Achievements and Milestones

Veda's cricketing journey is adorned with numerous milestones and achievements that bear testimony to her talent and dedication.

2017 Women's Cricket World Cup: One of the most significant highlights of Veda's career was her participation in the 2017 Women's Cricket World Cup. The Indian team reached the finals, and Veda played a crucial role in their journey. In a must-win league match against New Zealand, she showcased her aggressive batting, scoring a blistering 70 off just 45 balls, propelling India to the semi-finals.

Big Bash League: Veda became the third Indian cricketer to participate in the prestigious Women's Big Bash League. She secured a deal with the Hobart Hurricanes for the 2017-18 season. Her inclusion in the league was a testament to her growing reputation in international women's cricket.

ICC Tournaments: Veda was a part of the Indian squad for various ICC tournaments, including the 2018 ICC Women's World Twenty20 in the West Indies and the 2020 ICC Women's T20 World Cup in Australia. Her experience and ability to handle pressure were invaluable assets for the team in these high-stake tournaments.

Leadership in Domestic Circuit: Back home, Veda continued to shine in the domestic circuit. In the 2021 senior domestic one-day trophy, she was named the captain of Karnataka. Under her leadership, the team reached the finals, showcasing a spirited performance throughout the tournament.

Mentorship and Legacy: Beyond her on-field achievements, Veda's contribution to women's cricket in India lies in her role as a mentor to young talents. Her journey, marked by determination and hard work, serves as an inspiration for budding cricketers. Many young players look up to her, drawing lessons from her experiences and seeking guidance in their formative years.

Veda Krishnamurthy's journey in the world of cricket is a blend of talent, perseverance, and an undying passion for the game. From her early days in the domestic circuit to her remarkable achievements on the international stage, she has carved a niche for herself in the annals of Indian women's cricket. As she continues to inspire the next generation of cricketers, her legacy is sure to shine bright for years to come.

Challenges and Comebacks

Every sportsperson's journey is punctuated with challenges, and Veda Krishnamurthy's story is no different. The road to success is never smooth, and Veda's resilience and determination have been tested multiple times throughout her career.

One of the most heart-wrenching challenges Veda faced was off the field. In 2021, she suffered the devastating loss of her mother, Cheluvamaba Devi, and elder sister, Vatsala Shivakumar, to the COVID-19 pandemic. Such profound personal losses could have easily derailed her career, but Veda's indomitable spirit and mental strength saw her through these dark times. She channelled her grief into her game, using cricket as a therapeutic outlet.

On the field, Veda faced the typical challenges of an international cricketer: form slumps, injuries, and the pressure of expectations. There were times when her place in the team was questioned, and critics were quick to point out her shortcomings. However, Veda's ability to bounce back from these setbacks showcased her character. Time and again, she silenced her critics with her performances, proving that she belonged to the international arena.

One notable comeback was during the 2017 Women's Cricket World Cup. After a few initial hiccups in the tournament, Veda played a match-winning knock against New Zealand, ensuring India's place in the semi-finals. Her aggressive batting and ability to handle pressure were evident, marking her return to form.

Conclusion and Future Prospects

Veda Krishnamurthy's journey in international cricket has been nothing short of inspirational. From her humble beginnings in Kaduru to representing India on the global stage, she has come a long way. Her story is a testament to the fact that with passion, dedication, and hard work, one can achieve their dreams.

As for the future, Veda still has a lot to offer to Indian cricket. Her experience and skills make her an invaluable asset to the team. With the rise of women's cricket in India and the increasing number of tournaments and series, Veda's role will be crucial in mentoring the younger players and guiding them through the challenges of international cricket.

Outside of her playing career, Veda has the potential to contribute to the game in various capacities, be it coaching, commentary, or administration. Her understanding of the game and her experiences can provide invaluable insights to the next generation of cricketers.

When did Veda Krishnamurthy make her international debut?
Veda made her international debut on 30th June 2011 against England Women at Derby.
Which teams has Veda represented in the Women's Big Bash League?
Veda played for the Hobart Hurricanes in the Women's Big Bash League.
What significant achievement did Veda accomplish in the 2017 Women's Cricket World Cup?
Veda played a crucial knock against New Zealand, scoring 70 off 45 balls, ensuring India's place in the semi-finals.
Who were Veda's early cricketing mentors?
Veda credits Irfan Sait as her first coach, with coaches like Apurva Sharma and Suman Sharma also playing significant roles in her early career.
Where did Veda receive her formal cricket training?
Veda started her formal cricket training at the Karnataka Institute of Cricket in 2005.