From His Playing Days, Ravi Shastri Has Known How To Adapt, And He Will Again

Ravi Shastri, the former head coach of the Indian national cricket team, is well-known for transforming himself every couple of years. It is said to be his excellent quality and skill.

According to people, Shastri was the Virat Kohli of his generation. He was bold and forever playing to succeed.

Let's take a look into the cricket journey of Ravi Shastri- highs and lows.

The Beginning & Gaining Success

Ravi was just 17 years old when he played for India, and merely two years later, he took three wickets in 4 balls on his Test debut.

After that, success followed Ravi Shastri as he beat Tilak Raj for 6 six in an over, the fastest double hundred in Ranji. He became the most thriving Indian opener overseas, recording 5 of his 11 hundreds in England, West Indies, Australia, and Pakistan against all the top bowlers.

The Tragic Injury

Shastri's playing career came to an early end at just the age of 30 because of a knee injury.

The 1992 South Africa tour ended with Ravi Shastri's playing career, as his knee injury had been bothering him for some time. In South Africa, his knee injury spread with a tear in the posterior ligament.

The doctors delivered the heartbreaking news to Ravi that his knee would not be able to heal completely for him to play competitive international sport. 

After his surgery, Ravi Shastri retired from all cricket at just the age of 31.


Ravi Shastri even got behind the mic and called out the game. Soon after retirement, Shastri took up commentary. 

His voice and confidence to call out the game made him a perfect fit for the commentary role.

He was behind the mics during: 

  • 2011 World Cup Winning Hit
  • In 2007 World T20: Sreesanth's catch
  • Six sixes of Yuvraj Singh
The Coaching Path

After exiting cricket, Ravi Shastri entered coaching. In the 2007 World Cup, he was made manager of the national side, and in 2014, he was the team director.

Later, with skipper Virat Kohli, Ravi Shastri built a bold and arrogant combo. During his time, India became a powerhouse of quick bowling.

Even though the 2019 World Cup performance was not that great, Shastri got staunch support to extend his coaching term from his skipper Virat Kohli. 

Ravi Shastri is a great example of a top player who was and is always in demand. When he exited cricket, people were quite sad to see him go; however, his fans and followers have always vouched for him.

Shastri was known as a great coach and captain. He is said to be inspirational, caring, and extremely motivational as well.

At what age did Ravi Shastri retire? 
Ravi Shastri retired from all cricket at the age of 31. 
What caused Ravi Shastri to retire from cricket? 
Ravi Shastri retired from cricket due to a knee injury that would not heal completely. 
What did Ravi Shastri do after retiring from cricket? 
After retiring from cricket, Ravi Shastri entered commentary and then coaching. 
How was Ravi Shastri as a coach and captain? 
Ravi Shastri was known as a great coach and captain. He is said to be inspirational, caring, and motivational.