Inside Mohit Sharma's Struggle: The Sleepless Night And Mental State After The Heartbreaking IPL 2023 Final Last Over

Cricket fans watched the Gujarat Titans play the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the IPL 2023 Final at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on May 30, 2023. That night was memorable for Gujarat Titans fast bowler Mohit Sharma for reasons he'd rather forget.

With the Titans defending a dangerous total in the final over, Mohit Sharma was on the brink of glory. He seemed prepared to record a spectacular victory for his team after conceding only three runs in the opening four deliveries. Cricket's sad fate had other intentions. The Titans' ambitions ended when CSK all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja hit a six and a boundary in the next two balls to win the IPL.

Sleepless Night of What-Ifs

The team and Mohit Sharma were heartbroken after the final over. The 34-year-old pacer struggled to sleep following the loss. His thoughts were full of questions and self-doubt as he lay awake. 

"I couldn't sleep," Mohit told Indian Express. "I wondered what I could have done better to win the match). If I could have bowled this or that ball? I'm not feeling well. Something is lacking, but I'm moving on."


If you watched the IPL 2023 Final, Mohit Sharma was brilliant in the first four deliveries of the final over. He was precise with Yorkers, giving the Titans an unbeatable lead. The victory was theirs. A bitter twist occurred when Jadeja hit a six and a boundary to win for CSK.

Mohit Sharma recalled, "I ran to bowl the yorker again. I wanted to focus and support myself. I did the entire IPL. The ball fell where it shouldn't, and Jadeja batted. I tried my hardest."

Season of Redemption

Mohit Sharma found redemption in IPL 2023 despite the heartbreaking loss in the final over. He was a net bowler last season, out of the spotlight. He was picked by the Gujarat Titans in 2023 because of his talent. With amazing results, Mohit Sharma rewarded their faith.

He took critical wickets in the competition and finished among the top wicket-takers. His five-wicket haul against the Mumbai Indians (MI) in Qualifier 2 showed his resilience. He took 27 wickets in 14 matches at 8.17, a good economy. This season showed Mohit Sharma's comeback, proving that age doesn't matter.

Mohit Sharma's IPL sleepless night after the 2023 Final shows professional sportsmen's emotional rollercoaster. The "what-ifs" and self-analysis are part of the game, but they feed the drive to better and recover. Mohit Sharma confronts his demons and learns from defeat as he reflects on that night. He showed resilience and unrelenting passion to overcome the anguish of the last over and achieve season victory. Mohit Sharma's records will be marked by the IPL 2023 Final. But it's not final. With his rediscovered form and resolve this seasoned campaigner will rise again, ready to confront any cricket challenge.

What made the IPL 2023 Final meaningful for Mohit Sharma?
In the IPL 2023 Final, Gujarat Titans fast bowler Mohit Sharma faced a crucial time in the last over. He came close to winning against the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) with a shaky total.
Why did Mohit Sharma sleep after the IPL 2023 Final?
Mohit Sharma had trouble sleeping after the IPL 2023 Final owing to emotional anguish. 
What were Mohit Sharma's crucial moments in the IPL 2023 last over?
Mohit Sharma bowled well in the opening four deliveries of the IPL 2023 Final, allowing only three runs. 
How did Mohit Sharma feel after the IPL 2023 Final?
Mohit Sharma regretted and reflected after the IPL 2023 Final. He kept thinking about how he could have won the match and couldn't sleep.