IPL Success Story: Mohit Sharma Opens Up On How Ashish Nehra Revived His Cricketing Career

The IPL has been amazing for Mohit Sharma. In 2023, Gujarat Titans head coach Ashish Nehra helped the experienced seamer return to IPL prominence after years on the fringes.

Mohit Sharma took the 2014 IPL Purple Cap for bowling. He was a notable CSK player and represented India in limited-overs cricket, including the 2015 World Cup.

After early achievements, Mohit Sharma's IPL career stagnated. He played only one match in the 2019 and 2020 IPL seasons and none in the next two. Though discouraged, the seasoned combatant never lost sight of his goals.

Ashish Nehra's Guide

Mohit Sharma's IPL 2023 stars aligned again. His Gujarat Titans debut, a team he loved. Gujarat Titans head coach Ashish Nehra gave him direction, making his IPL return even more impressive.

Ashish Nehra, former CSK and India bowler, set Mohit Sharma's records. He gave Mohit Sharma his plan, which he accepted. He played his competitive role well.

IPL Triumphant Return

Mohit Sharma’s debut match in 2023 against the Punjab Kings was put in with effort and skill. Punjab Kings' second innings bowler Mohit Sharma was precise and controlled, bowling four overs in ten.

2/18 figures indicated his revival. He dismissed Jitesh Sharma and Sam Curran, restricting Punjab Kings to 153. Gujarat Titans reached the mark with one ball to spare thanks to Shubman Gill's half-century.

Ashish Nehra's Mentorship: Turning Point

Mohit Sharma, the Man of the Match, stated Ashish Nehra shaped his IPL career at the post-match ceremony. 

Ashish Nehra advised him to train and play net bowling for Gujarat Titans after the IPL 2022 auction failed. Mohit Sharma played cricket, not observed or commented.

Passion, hard ethic, and net contributions were noted. The Gujarat Titans bought Mohit Sharma for INR 50 lakh in the IPL 2023 auction, attracted by his zeal and experience. This decision impacted the squad and player's game.

Redemption Path for Net Bowler

Mohit Sharma accepted net bowling since he knew competitive practising would rejuvenate him. He knew that remaining involved was essential to improving as a player and not sitting at home.

Netbowling gave him exposure and the possibility to play with top players. Cricket skills couldn't improve without competitive practice, he claimed.

Revival Through Performance

Mohit Sharma was dedicated on the pitch. He baffled the Punjab Kings' hitters in his comeback match with excellent variations and solid lengths. Only one four was conceded in the 11th, 13th, and 15th overs. He conceded one boundary in the 19th over.

Mohit Sharma's IPL revival is due to his tenacity, Ashish Nehra's guidance, and his love of cricket. He helped Gujarat Titans win IPL 2023 despite limited chances and unsold auctions. This amazing story highlights mentorship and a cricketer who never gave up.

How did Ashish Nehra help Mohit Sharma's IPL?
IPL mentor Ashish Nehra shaped Mohit Sharma's experience. Nehra helped Mohit comprehend and execute his team function. 
What was Mohit Sharma's IPL revival turning point?
Mohit Sharma's ability and willingness to bowl as a net bowler for the Gujarat Titans transformed Ashish Nehra's IPL revival. IPL 2023 auctioned him to Gujarat Titans for INR 50 lakh. This choice altered Mohit and the team.
What happened in Mohit Sharma's IPL 2023 comeback?
Mohit Sharma excelled in his Gujarat Titans IPL 2023 comeback match against Punjab Kings. He bowled 2/18 in four overs with precision. His help limited the Punjab Kings to 153 runs, which the Gujarat Titans scored with one ball left.