Mohali ODI Drama: Unraveling The Intense Battle Between James Faulkner And Ishant Sharma In 2013

James Faulkner is an all-rounder star player of Australia. He started as a leg spin bowler but is now a fast bowler. He employs top spinner and Yorker length googly deliveries as slower ball variants. In the shorter version of the game, his brutal end-of-hand hitting makes him one of the most bankable all-rounders, and his slower backhand balls and tempo changes make him one of the most challenging bowlers to play. Numerous T-20 teams across the world have offered him hefty contracts.

James Faulkner's IPL career in India is noteworthy, and the entire country adores him for his incredible cricket abilities. The intense ODI spat between James Faulkner and Ishan Sharma was a nail-biting moment. James Faulkner's match performances declined, but that ODI fundamentally altered the game.

How James Faulkner outshined Ishan Sharma in the match

Australia had to score 44 runs in the final three overs of that game to win. The well-positioned Adam Voges was Australia's best hope, batting 71 in the middle. Still, James Faulkner's explosive six-hitting cameo instead enabled Australia to chase down the mark to earn a thrilling victory with three balls left.

James Faulkner became an established part of the Australia limited overs team. In Australia's third One Day International against India in October, he blasted 64 runs off 29 balls, including 30 runs from Ishant Sharma's single over to win the game. In November, he scored his first One Day International century, then the second fastest ODI century by an Australian, and he did so in 57 balls.

What was Ishan Sharma's reaction to James Faulkner's storming performance in the ODI?

Ishant Sharma, an Indian fast bowler, remembered how his career changed during a nightmare over against Australia in a one-day international, in which he gave up 30 runs to James Faulkner. Sharma, who has played in 97 Test matches for India and has been a regular, has not participated in an ODI since 2016. 

He still recalls that fatal over against Australia, which led to the downfall of his limited-overs career. He also stated that he was distressed after that incident and did not eat and sleep properly for one month. Ishan Sharma, although, appreciated James Faulkner's ODI performance. The Australian star player had the best innings of his life and won the hearts of many cricket lovers across the globe.

James Faulkner is regarded as the Australian cricket team's torchbearer at 24. Faulkner has consistently displayed remarkable all-around skill on the pitch. Franchise owners in the Indian Premier League are constantly seeking to snag him in the auctions held because of his propensity to hit the ball out of bounds. This brilliant cricketer has a long history of impressive performances, which will continue forever.

What was the downfall of James Faulkner?
After being informed that he wouldn't be paid the amount he requested at PSL, James Faulkner tossed his kit from the hotel's second floor and his bat and helmet into the PC hotel's chandelier. Following that, Faulkner was again prohibited from participating in the PSL.
Is James Faulkner gay?
James Faulkner, an Australian all-rounder, has drawn much attention after claiming to come out as gay in social media posts. The "misunderstanding" was eventually clarified by him. In tweets and Instagram pictures, Faulkner appeared to reveal he was in a same-sex relationship. He would have done so to become the first male professional cricketer from Australia to come out as gay.
Nevertheless, Cricket Australia stated that the posts claiming the player was enjoying "dinner with the boyfriend" had been "misinterpreted" before Faulkner re-posted to Instagram on Tuesday morning to clarify that he is not gay.
What is James Faulkner's century record in the ODI?
James Faulkner's century record is 1 in the ODI and four ODI half-centuries.
What is James Faulkner's net worth?
James Faulkner's net worth is $ 5 Million.