Why Ravi Shastri Is Just What The Doctor Ordered For Indian Cricket

Anil Kumble's replacement, Ravi Shastri, was unveiled after weeks of controversy surrounding the Indian team's selection process for the coach. Shastri was initially passed over for the position of India's top cricket manager. While the process of selecting the new head coach for Indian cricket did not go exactly as planned, Mumbai veteran cricketer Ravi Shastri eventually won the prestigious post, replacing Anil Kumble.

Why is Shastri just What Team India Needed?

The individual fulfils all the requirements and deserves to lead the Indian squad as a coach. Firstly, he has worked in this position for the previous 18 months and is only applying for it again. He knows the players because he was a key part of the team's structure, and they know him. The fact that most of them have enthusiastically embraced him is perhaps the greatest advantage he has.

Ravi Shastri’s Accomplishments as Team India’s Head Coach 
  • Test Cricket 

India rose to prominence in Test cricket during Ravi Shastri's tenure as head coach. India won 25 of the 43 Test matches they played during this time, with an excellent ratio of two wins to every defeat. India have won all the series they have played except for a 1-4 loss to England during the 2018 tour, a 1-2 away loss to South Africa and a 0-2 away loss to New Zealand. However, India lost to New Zealand in the final of the World Test Championship in England. Amazingly, Shastri's leadership enabled India to hold on to the top spot in the ICC rankings for 37 months.

  • Limited Overs Cricket 

In the 81 One Day International (ODI) games played under Ravi Shastri, India won 54 with a fantastic W/L ratio of 2.25. The group advanced to the semi-finals of the 2019 Cricket World Cup where they were defeated by New Zealand.

  • T20 Cricket

India played excellent T20 cricket while Shastri was their head coach. India triumphed in 44 of the 69 T20 matches played under his direction. Furthermore, India won 15 of the 23 series they played during Shastri's coaching tenure, losing only 5 of them.

Ravi Shastri’s Popularity 

After Kapil Dev, Ravi Shastri has emerged as one of the most productive all-rounders in the Indian team. He batted in the middle of the order and at the starting position. At the time of his retirement, Ravi had accumulated 6938 runs in the international game and 280 wickets.

Shastri epitomised the shiny side of Indian cricket when he played. He was tall and had an excellent figure in addition to his attractiveness. He still presents a flamboyant attitude and earned the nickname "Shaz" from his supporters.

Shastri's popularity further increased once he started working as a commentator. Through his work as the coach of the national cricket team, he has proved himself to be a loyal servant of Indian cricket.

Ravi Shastri took over as the director of the Indian cricket team in 2014 and held the position for two years. He was then selected to lead the team as its head coach in 2017. Despite failing to win an ICC title, the Indian side enjoyed significant success in all formats of the game when Shastri was in charge.

When did Ravi Shastri become team India’s head coach?
From India's tour of England to the 2015 World Cup, he served as the director of the Indian cricket team for eight months in 2014. On 13 July 2017, he was selected as the head coach of the Indian cricket team.
When was Ravi Shastri born?
Ravi Shastri was born on  27 May 1962 and is currently 61 years old. 
At what age did Ravi Shastri retire?
Ravi Shastri retired at the age of 31 due to lingering knee problems.